Fashion Head Wraps Creation with Scarves

Pulling your fashion wrap assembly can be easy as A-B-C with a head scarf. Undeniably, scarves have become a fashion staple and if you haven’t one yet, it is about time you owned one; more is better. You see, once you have fallen into head wraps and learned different ways of tying a scarf to adorn your head (and add flavor to your getup, of course), only your creative imagination is the limit.

Scarves come in many different colors, designs and patterns and a wardrobe cannot be considered complete without a collection of this fashion accessory. A scarf can be used in so many different ways and one of the most popular uses is as a head wrap or head scarf. Basic tying is a method you need learn. After which, you can discover different ways of doing it on your own.

The Triangle

This is the most basic, most traditional way of tying a scarf. Simply fold a scarf to form a triangle then position the long edge over your head, just about an inch below your hair line or whatever suits you. Bring the two ends together at the nape area over the fabric’s tail then tie firmly together using a square knot.

Roll Up

This is similar to the triangle but you will need a larger scarf. After forming a triangle, roll the long side over until desired thickness then wrap and tie around your head the way you would the triangle. This time, you would have achieved a headband effect with the rolled edge.

Over the Head Knot

This time, after folding the scarf into a triangle, place the middle part of the long edge beneath your hair at the nape. Securely tie the ends of the triangle on top of your head. Pick up the tip of the triangle and pull it all the way up over your head, keeping all the hair inside the cloth, then tuck the tip and other loose edges under the knot you made with the two ends.

You can make a bit of a variation to this by adjusting the position of the head scarf so that the knot is at the side of your head instead on top.

Head scarves are great expressions of beauty and fashion and all you need is to own a few good selection. With so many patterns and colors to choose from, you will never run out of options to go with any of your outfits.

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