Hair accessories and the golden rules

a921533efee2d0ce63924f1684230264There are golden rules to follow when wearing hair accessories. If you don’t know these golden rules, then this article is for you. They are the following:

Do not be too childish – if you are wearing a headband, you can easily look prissy. Choose the headband that is appropriate for your age.

It is safe to use barrettes – You can never go wrong when it comes to using a barrette. Depending on the style and design you use, you can easily look classy and sophisticated.

Crown with jewels – If you want to braid your hair, you have to make sure you are going to use a hair accessory that enhances your braid such as pins and brooches.

High and tight ponytail – If you want to style your hair in a ponytail make sure you do it the bold and distinct way. Give your hair a ton of shine by using a shine serum and use a black plastic tie. Make sure that your hair stick straight and supported away from the head. Follow these steps and you will be able to achieve a swingy hair movement, which I think is so chic and sexy.

Tough and sweet look at once – If your hairstyle and hair accessory are too soft, you can balance your look by putting on a tough makeup. Choose solid colors but see to it that it perfectly matches the structure of your face. Your goal is to achieve a dignified look while maintaining a balance of toughness and softness.

Do not be afraid to look a bit dirty – Everybody wants to wash their hair regularly as it is a part of their hygiene. You don’t have to wash your hair every day. It is okay to have a few dirt. If you cannot handle it, then at least have a spritz of dry shampoo. It gives you a fresh and clean feeling without literally washing your hair.

You don’t need to have a long hair to use hair accessories – if you feel like only people with long hair should wear hair accessories, then you are wrong. Even people with short hair deserves to wear a hair accessory. Choose something that highlights your hair. Function and aesthetic details should be kept in mind.

Wear several bobby pins – bobby pins shouldn’t be worn individually. Wear multiple bobby pins to make them noticeable without being too exaggerated. You can use bobby pins in many different ways.

Hair ribbons are fine –it is okay to wear ribbons on your hair as long as it is a silk one or perhaps the grosgrain. Stay away from stiff ribbons or those wiry ones as they can literally look cheap. Choose the best hair ribbons and incorporate them in your hairstyles. They are perfect for updo hairstyles. You can also add them to your braids. A ribbon headband is also fine. The bottomline is you have to make sure that the ribbon you wear looks cool and classy.

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