Hair comb on your big day

Crystal-Hair-TiesThere are so many types of hair accessories you can wear on your big day. If you want to stand out from the rest, then you might want to consider wearing a bridal hair comb. If you are going to search online, you will notice that there are a vast array of bridal hair combs. They vary in theme or motif such as floral sprays, nature theme, feathers, leaves, crystals, pearls, and the likes.

With plenty of available choices, how do you go about finding a hair comb that perfectly matches your wedding? Well, you have to consider the following:


Every bride has a set of budget on different aspects of their wedding. The price of bridal hair comb varies depending on the styles and types of materials used. Make sure you come up with a clear and realistic expectation. You can’t expect to have the best hair comb on your big day if you have a little budget. On the other hand, you surely don’t want to compromise other important details of your wedding just because you went over budget with the hair accessory. Narrow down your choice by taking into consideration your budget first.

Consider your wedding dress

One of the highlights of your wedding is your wedding dress. So, choose the dress first before choosing a hair accessory. See to it that the style and color of your wedding gown perfectly matches the hair comb. Do not wear two contrasting pieces.

Do your research

You can never go wrong if you do your research. Just because you already have the vision of a hair comb does not necessarily mean that you are going to disregard other inputs. When doing your research, you should try using bridal magazines and fashion websites. You might also want to watch shows that feature brides. See how they are styled as you can surely find great inspiration from it.

 Style and color

The style and color are the focal points. Make sure that your color choice blends well with the different wedding pieces such as the dress, veil, and motif. As with the style, if your dress is simple, then choose a wedding hair comb that can help you make a statement.

Check the types of materials used

You have to make sure that the type of material you choose coordinate well with each other. For an instance, if your wedding dress is adorned with pearls, then you have to wear a bridal hair comb that at least contain a bit of pearl or something close enough to pearls. The same thing goes for other types of materials.




Do not hesitate to consult the expert

If hair accessory and hair styling are not your thing, then the best thing you can do is to consult the experts. Do not pretend as if you know everything when in fact you don’t. It could end up in a big bridal disaster. To be safe, you should consult the opinion of experts. They will help you look at your best on your big day.

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