Hairstyles that Conceal Damaged Hair

93e01892e1c45143514d70c275a71cc8Having a damaged hair can be very frustrating. Everybody wants to have beautiful hair but for some people, that’s impossible. The good news is there are things you can do to style your hair in a way that will help conceal the damage. They are the following:

Use the right hair products

To avoid hair damage, you have to use the right hair care products, especially shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo at least two to three times a week to prevent drying of the hair. Use hydrating conditioner to keep your hair hydrated and prevent damage. When applying hair conditioner, make sure you focus on the ends of the hair.

Drying the damaged hair

The way you dry your hair can greatly affect its health. Using blow dryer regularly can severely damage the cuticle of the hair. It is best to dry your hair naturally. Do not rub the hair as you can damage the hair follicles. Pat dry the hair using soft towel. You can apply leave in conditioner when drying the hair.

Towel dry technique for damaged hair

If you want to dry your hair using a blow dryer, you have to take into account these tips to avoid damage.

  • Prior to blow drying your hair, you have to apply a heat protectant leave-in conditioner.
  • There are many types of blow dryer and most of them can cause damage to your hair. To prevent hair damage, you should use ionic dryer as it can significantly reduce the static effect of the hair. For a sleek finish, you should use paddle brush.
  • Make sure that your hair is at least 70% dry before you blow dry. That way, you will be able to reduce the risk of overheating. The damaging effect is intense when your hair is wet.
  • Make sure that the blower is not too close to your hair. The closer you put the blower to your hair, the more damage it can cause to the hair strands.
  • When drying the hair, start from the back of the hair and hold the dryer at least seven to ten inches away from the hair.
  • Choose a blow dryer that comes with adjustment setting. Set the setting to the lowest possible option and move the dryer to different areas of the hair to evenly distribute the heat.
  • When using the blow dryer, always attach the nozzle so that the heat will be distributed in small sections.
  • Point the nozzle of the dryer to the ends of your hair so as to smooth the cuticle. It also prevents tangles.
  • Once you are done blow drying the hair, expose your hair to cool air at least for a minute.
  • If you want to style your hair using curling iron or straightening iron, make sure that your hair is completely dry to prevent damage. Your hair is delicate when it is wet. Applying direct heat can cause breakage and even split ends. Styling is great but make sure you do not compromise the health of your hair.
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