Hats to Fit Through Size Reduction

Head gears have always had a huge following since time immemorial. From religious to practical uses, they have been around to serve different purposes. Felt hats, fedoras, bonnets, berets, funny hats – name it and you surely have seen it worn by many people, celebrity or ordinary.

Different designs, material and sizes have come and gone but the most popular fitted hat has always been in style. Bull caps or the typical baseball hat is the most classic of these fitted hats. But for you to full enjoy the use of one without the nagging feeling that it might suddenly be blown away by the wind, the fitted hat has to fit your head perfectly and snugly.

The Quick Solution

Typically, a fitted hat is made of wool material, in which case, the solution is quick. Just give it the hot water treatment and you will be able to reduce the size of the hat and shrink fit it. One character of real wool is that it shrinks when washed in hot water but hold your horses before you rush to the kitchen to shrink your hat.

First, check if the color does not bleed. Once you are sure that it does not and then wash it with hot water but without any detergent. Find a round object that is the same size as your head, fit the hat on it then dry it using a hair blower. In case the color bleeds as you submerge the hat in hot water, quickly rinse with cold water then proceed with the next steps.

The Best Solution

While you can always do the shrink method to make your hat fit well, there is always a better solution to that and that is to buy a hat that really fits you. When well-made by good craftsmanship, it generally produces a good in shape head wear that you need not fret about ill fits. Knowing where to buy the right kind of head wear products is also a plus factor to ensure that you get a good fit. And just like a new car, even hats need a so-called “break-in” period. Meaning when your hat is new, wear it as frequently as possible until it follows the contours of your head.

Find your best-fitting hats only from reputable stores whether from a physical store or online. Often, the reliable hat sources know which size securely fits when given a head measurement. So when you go get yourself a hat that you want to fit to perfection, buy only from stores you can trust and you will never go wrong. You don’t need hot water treatment either.

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