How to choose the right comb

style_your_hair_qhmfhTo achieve and maintain a healthy hair, it requires not only using the right shampoo and conditioner, but as well as the right tools too such as the right comb. A comb helps separate and detangles the hair. It also helps get rid of dirt that is accumulated in the hair. If you are going to shop around, you will notice that there are many types of combs and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. To give you insights when it comes to choosing the best comb for your hair, keep on reading below.

Extra wide toothed comb

As the name suggests, this comb has extra wide spacing in between the teeth. It is perfect for detangling the hair and prevents hair breakage. It is suitable to use to all hair types and hair length.

Wide toothed comb

The space in between the teeth is not as wide as the extra wide comb. The good thing about this comb is that it suits all types of hair. It does not matter if you have thick, straight, or curly hair. It can detangle everything regardless if your hair is dry or wet.

Medium toothed comb

The space in between the teeth is fairly close and the primary role of this comb is to bring the hair strands closer together. You should not use this comb in detangling the hair. If your hair has tangles, then you should use wide toothed comb first and follow it up with a medium toothed comb.

Fine toothed comb

You can easily recognize a fine toothed comb once you see one. The teeth are very close to each other and it is basically use for finishing touches.


  • Cutting combs – It is a comb in which the half section has fine teeth while the other half has wide teeth. The style of comb is perfect to use when cutting the hair. It can also be used to style wet hair.
  • Tail and pin tail comb – as the name suggests, it comes with a tail detail that is useful when parting and sectioning the hair. If you are working on a wet hair, then this comb style is perfect.
  • Backcombing comb – if you want to create more lift and volume, then this comb is the ideal choice. If you are going to tease the hair, you are literally combing the hair strand backwards. It requires knowledge and skills to use the comb correctly.
  • Color graphic comb – It is one of the latest additions to the comb collection. The good thing about this comb is that it can be used for various purposes such as cutting, styling, and coloring the hair. It comes with a sectioning tooth, which will allow you to part your hair and embed groove, which can be very useful when coloring the hair.

Choosing the best comb can be a tricky thing to undertake. Hence, it is important to arm yourself with the knowledge and skills you can use when styling your hair using combs.

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