Improve your hair with the use of bobby pins

92e81350818fecd124c9248ea391c286695ed76bBobby pins maybe small but they do big jobs when it comes to styling the hair. To get the most out of bobby pins, you should know the different ways of styling your hair. If you look at the typical bobby pin, you will notice that it has two sides, the flat and the wavy. The wavy side of the pin should face your scalp and not the other way around.

Why you should let the wavy part face your scalp? Well, plain and simple, it has better grip on your hair. It will help lock everything in place. The flat surface will be facing upward, which will surely look good on your hair. Here is another trick. If you have soft and silky hair, there is a tendency that the pin will slide off your hair. Use a dry shampoo before placing the bobby pin on your hair. You might also want to spray shampoo on the pin to make it less slippery.

The lock technique

If you constantly wear bobby pins, then you know very well what the locking technique is. Turn the pin in circle and lock the pin top down when fastening. Now, if you are a fan of bobby pins, you know that it is not only available in black. Today, you can find them in many different colors. If you are the stylish chic type, you have to wear colourful bobby pins as they look stylish. They will also look good on you.

Standout hairstyles

A medieval maiden hairstyle looks perfect, especially if you are going to use wide bobby pins. It makes a statement in an instant. To achieve this look, you just need to braid the front strands of your hair. Secure at the back of the head with a bobby pin. Use two bobby pins to form a triangle. Make sure you spray the bobby pin with styling spray so that it will stick to your hair.

If you want your bobby pin to be different from the rest, you can add personal touches to it. Color the pin with a nail polish. You might want to stack several bobby pins together. You can also draw patterns using different types and colors of bobby pins. Style the bobby pin in crisscrossed as it gives you a nice look. On top of that, it will keep the hair in place. You will be able to tame your hair despite the blowing of strong wind.

If you want to keep it sleek and simple, then a single bobby pin is enough. However, you have the option to use several bobby pins, especially if you want to form a design. You can form several patterns, an arrow perhaps for a unique look.

Bobby pins have gone a long way. From a humble hair accessory, it is now one of the most sought after hair accessories. Celebrities and famous people wear bobby pins because of their function and style.

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