Styling the hair with the use of hair barrette

use-clip-medium-long-hair-800x800Hairstyling may sound easy but sometimes it is not. There are so many hair accessories to choose from. Some of them are stylish and easy to use but most of them require in depth knowledge. If you want a hair accessory that enables you to add a dramatic look but is easy to use, then use a barrette. This kind of hair accessory is easy to use. The typical way of using it is taking the hair at the center of the head. You have to pull back the hair and fasten with a barrette. If there are tendrils of hair, you can keep those in place using bobby pins.

Metal barrette

You probably have seen a metal barrette. If you visit a hair accessory store, you can easily find a sleek metal barrette. It is a simple hair accessory. It is inexpensive but can be used in many different ways. Hollywood celebrities were spotted wearing a metal barrette. One of them is Emma Stone. From a humble hair accessory, it has now become a mainstream. If you have not tried wearing a barrette before, then now is the best time to do so. It will only take you a few minutes to style you hair using a barrette.

Below is the step by step guide in styling your hair with the use of barrette. You might want to follow these steps for that easy and on the go barrette hairstyle.

  • The first thing you are going to do is comb your hair to get rid of the tangles. Once your hair free from tangles, the next step is to side part your hair.
  • Here is an additional trick. For a flirty look, style your hair in a beach wave. You need a curling iron for this. The ideal curling iron to use is 1.5 to 2 inches barrelled curling iron. Do not forget to use a thermal hair protectant so as to protect your hair. It will not only protect your hair from damage, but it also keeps the curls last longer.
  • Tease the hair. To begin with, back comb your hair so as to create volume. It is important to tease the hair, especially if you have a smooth hair as it keeps the clip stay in place.
  • Once you achieve your desired volume, the next step is to get your barrette. Make sure that the barrette you choose perfectly matches the width of the hair. Snap the barrette in place and presto!

If you have not tried wearing a barrette before, then now is the best time to do so. There are many types of barrettes to choose from. The size varies and so you can find one that matches the length and volume of your hair. Invest in a hair barrette that is made from high quality materials. Price wise, it can be a bit expensive but you will surely get the best value for your hard earned money.

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