The correct way to pin bobby pins in your hair

53a06ad3cbdc8_-_cos-12-hairpin-de-49660339Bobby pins are a common hair accessory but a lot of people are wearing it the wrong way. In this article, we will discuss the common mistakes of wearing bobby pin and how you can correct them.

Inserting incorrectly

A lot of people wear bobby pin with the grooved side up. This is wrong! The groove functions to keep the pin in place. So, the grooved side should be facing the scalp.

Wearing the pin without extra coating

If your hair is super soft and smooth, there is a tendency that it will slide off from the hair. coat with a dry shampoo for that extra grip.

Wearing the wrong color

The common purpose of the bobby pin is to tame the hair. It is not used as the primary hair accessory. That is why, the usual color is black. However, if your hair is blonde, you get to choose bobby pins with a shade closest to the color of your hair. Today, bobby pins become a mainstream. You can wear any color you want just make sure it matches your hair and your outfit.

Wearing the pin into wet hair

Have you tried wearing a bobby pin with your hair wet? What have you noticed? It leaves a little indent in your hair, right? Well, do not wear the pin with your wet hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry first.

Using the bobby pin to tame the hair

One of the reasons for wearing the bobby pin is for the hairstyle to stick. However, in today’s hair fashion trend you can now wear the pin in many different ways. It acts as a versatile hair accessory which you can easily incorporate to any hairstyles possible.

Spreading the bobby pins apart too much

If you feel like the bobby pin does not hold the place that much, well, it’s because of the grip. One of the reasons for the pin to losing their grip is spreading them apart. As you bend the pin even more, the metal becomes less tight. Later on the pin no longer sticks to your hair. Be very gentle with spreading your bobby pins.

Pulling out the hair out of the bobby pin at once

One of the common mistakes is pulling out the hair altogether. If you do it, then it will lead the hair falling out of place. Here is the trick. Gently twist your hair that you wish to pin down. Gently pop the bobby pin through the section of your hair.

A lot of people do not realize that they are wearing their bobby pin the wrong way. From now on, start doing it right. Take into account the tips mentioned above as they can make a huge difference with your hairstyling. Shop for the best hair accessory online. You will be able to find a huge selection of bobby pins at a reasonable price. You will surely get the best value for your money.

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