Three Types of Straw Hats

Often designed with brim and made of straw or reeds, this type of hat is very common in Asian countries. But did you know that there are three different straw hat types?

The Conical Asian Straw Hat

As mentioned above, this hat type is very typical in Asia, particularly the Southeast Asia. Its shape is similar to that of an upside-down cone and is secured by a strap tied right at the chin to keep it in place. Used mostly by workers who till the fields, it makes a very good defense against the sun and the rain. During hot summer months, users dip the straw hat in water prior to use for its very effective cooling effects.

The Sennit Straw Hat

This hat is also known by many names such as boater’s hat and skimmer. But it is mainly known as Sennit as it is primarily made of sennit straw hence the name. The hat is typically stiff and comes with a brim not too wide, not too narrow. A ribbon is usually tied around the base of the side band. You will often see these hats worn with formal wear but are also used as part of school uniforms in some countries in Europe.

The Panamanian Straw Hat

“The Prince of Straw Hats” is what this hat type is regarded as having been worn by famous people like King Edward VII and Former US President Theodore Roosevelt. The hat originated from (yes you guessed it right) Panama but most of the products are woven in Ecuador. This hat became highly popular after President Roosevelt wore one during his inspection of the then being constructed Panama Canal in the early 1900’s.

Today, the straw hat plays an important part in any fashion wardrobe that anyone who wears it definitely feels the class and style it provides. With prices ranging from as low as ten dollars to fifty dollars, you too can definitely look dapper wearing one of the many designs available today. The hat can be easily purchased online and that means you are only a click away from owning one.

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