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Celebrities Hair Behaving Badly


Celebrities Hair Behaving BadlyI don’t know about you, but as a teen I was in a constant battle with my hair. No matter what I tried at home, I couldn’t get rid of the frizzy-I’m really a curly girl-look. The only way my hair days would be good is if I had had my hair blown-out by a professional hair stylist the night before. The next day I would feel like a princess with my …

Does What You Eat Affect The Hair On Your Head?


Does What You Eat Affect The Hair On Your Head?If you find yourself suffering from hair loss, dry hair, flat limp hair, or a bad case of the greasies, the food you chew can be the reason. Hair quality has been less than “fair” due to our very “crash diet” driven culture and unlimited fast food fixes. If there are foods that deplete our hair of its “growth potential”, …

Gray, Gray, Go Away -Goodbye Grey Hair!


Goodbye Grey Hair

Do we really get more gray hair if one falls out or your friend picks it out? Well, I wanted to know about this myth and why some people welcome their gray hair and while others do sing the mantra “gray, gray, go away, don’t ever come back, okay” with gusto.

No matter how you find them, most of our gray hair is based on genetics. Some people start getting gray well before their …

Popular Hair Products From The 1980s


Popular Hair Products From The 1980sBeing a teen with curly hair in the 1980s was not cool, at least, I did not think so. If you asked my mother and her friends about my curls, they would have told you how much money people would pay for those curls. Instead of accepting their praises, I did everything in my power to make my hair comply with the popular hair styles influenced by popular …

5 Insane But True Things About Headband Styles


5 Things About Headband StylesMy five year old daughter never leaves home without her headband. Her favorite one is turquoise and made of plastic. She doesn’t quite understand the real purpose of this hair styling tool and at times does not fit all of her hair behind it. If I try to nudge her and put it on for her she will have not part of it. This led me to a fact finding mission …