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Hair Styles From The ‘Jersey Shore’


Hair Styles From The 'Jersey Shore'With all of the buzz lately about the “Jersey Shore” and the recent salary increases of the cast, I couldn’t help but wonder what all the “poof” was about. After all, weren’t they just regular people five minutes ago? Today, these regular people have gone beyond their 15 minutes of fame. Fans, friends, and followers are looking to popular cast members Snooki and Pauly. People are actually spending time trying to perfect Snooki’s ‘poof’ and Pauly’s …

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Hair Watch


Chelsea Clinton Wedding Hair WatchThe media is all a buzz this week about the upcoming wedding of Chelsea Clinton to Marc Mezvinsky on Saturday, July 31, in some secret location in the upstate New York village of Rhinebeck. According to recent reports, the wedding price tag is at at least $3 million dollars. After all, she is the daughter of a former President and her mom is now the Secretary of State. I couldn’t help wonder what Chelsea, a …

Hair Or No Hair, Will The Bed Bugs Still Bite?


Hair Or No Hair, Will The Bed Bugs Still Bite?New York City, one of the most visited cities in the world, caters to all types of travelers. From shaggy haired back packers to shiny headed millionaires. However, the latest outbreak of “bed bugs” have only but added anxiety to anybody enroute to NYC. Hair or no hair, here are a few tips you need to know when visiting New York this summer.

Does Red Hair Make You Have A Hot Temper?


Does Red Hair mean You Have A Hot Temper?I was always the little girl with jet-black, curly hair. Fast forward many years, I still have that black hair but I’ll never forget how much I wanted to have red, blonde, or even brown hair. Even at a very young age, I could see how different personalities sprung from kids with certain hair colors. I thought it would be fun to look into this idea further and find out if the description of what hair colors say about …

4 Hair Braid Styles To Keep You Cool In The Summer Heat


4 Hair Braid Styles To Keep You Cool This Summer

I remember back several years ago when the french braid was the most popular hairstyle at school. Girls would sit together and just braid each others hair. I was reminded of this scenario when I saw a line of 3 year old girls patiently wait to have their hair braided by their camp counselor.

4 Ways To Wash Away Bad Hair Smell


4 Ways To Get Rid of Bad Smelling HairWith all of this heat in the air, people have been sweating like crazy. That also means scalps have been sweating and making people extremely self conscious about their hair smell. I even found a comment about this very topic on a website, This comment expressed how some people suffer both physically and mentally from bad hair smell, like this comment “Its embarrassing because I have to wait until people have left if I want to pass by …

Humidity And How It Messes With Your Head During The Summer Heat


Humidity And How It Messes With Your Head During The Summer HeatIs it possible to step out of an air-conditioned car and into 100 degree weather without the heat affecting your freshly styled hair? This is something to ponder, as we all know that summer is a time for weddings, reunions, and barbeques. Is it possible to enter these weather conditions and still have hair that can beat the heat and combat humidity?

How Often Do You Need To Wash A Babies Hair


How Often Do You Need To Wash A  Babies Hair When my first child was in her first year of life, I felt that I had to bathe her every day. Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. I bathed her and washed her hair with what I was told, the best shampoo for babies out there. That was over five years ago and today there are an incredible amount of baby shampoos and a walk down …