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A Few Of My Favorite Hairstyles From NYC’s Fashion Week


A Few Of My Favorite Hairstyles From NYC's Fashion WeekFashionistas from around the globe have flocked to New York City this week to catch the hotest fashion trends at New York’s Spring 2011 Fashion Week. Fashion trends and forecasts for the Spring are out and about and fashion magazines from Elle to Bazaar are reporting them online at internet speed.

While the runway models are seen for what they are wearing, I wanted to know how they were wearing their hair. A google search here and a bing …

NFL Season Kicks Off With Some Wacky Haircuts


NFL Season Kicks Off  With Some Wacky HaircutsI am not a NFL fan at all, but one thing I noticed in a recent article about the kick-off of this season is rookie NFL  players are sporting some really wacky haircuts. I saw a recent photo of Tim Tebow, a rookie player on the Denver Broncos, and I wanted laugh and cry at the same time. His haircut, also known as the “Tim Tebow’s Friar Tuck Look” is wacky. I couldn’t help but wonder why anybody would …

Get It White And Why It Is Cool To Wear After Labor Day


fall-hatWe are all familiar with the term, “no white after Labor Day” but who made this fashion statement and why?

I decided to look into the history of Labor and what district of fashion police instilled such strict laws on “what to wear”.

Thick Chunky Curls and Waves Flood The Emmys Red Carpet


Thick Chunky Curls and Waves Flood The Emmys Red CarpetI have to admit, I was one of the millions of viewers that watched celebrities stroll down the red carpet during The 62nd edition of the Primetime Emmy Awards that took place in Los Angeles this past Sunday. Being a busy mom with limited time and energy, I am in awe of how celeberties can go from glum to glam for these types of occassions. No joke, this is their full tie job and looking good is a …

5 Ways A Hair Cut At Home Will Save You


Hair Cut From HomeI think there is a new trend in cutting hair and it does not involve fancy hair gels or blow dryers. This new trend is in hair cutting is the home hair cut. Does it require formal training at a beauty school?

The good news is that you do not need formal training in a beauty school to cut your own hair, or the hair of a friend, spouse, or child. There are numerous places online where you can find out the “how to” in …