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Celebrity Hairstyles That Flew Over The Holidays


Celebrity Hairstyles Seen At The AirportsWith all of the buzz about the TSA and body scanners last week, we almost forgot to notice some of the hairstyles of our favorite celebrities traveling as well. There were quite a few strutting down the terminals of some of our busiest airports last week. Here are some celebrity hairstyles that really “took off” last week.

Halle Berry is a classic beauty that can wear her hair short or long and still look amazing. Her current pixie cut was the perfect hairstyle …

Some Surprises From The Amercian Music Awards


Some Surprises From The Amercian Music AwardsYou know when you’ve got Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Jessica Alba attending the American Music Awards, there is going to be a lot of buzz about the dresses and costumes. There is also going to be a lot of hairstyles that surprise us all. Here are some of those surprises.

Taylor Swift went from curly girl to sleek and shiny. She even added stick straight bangs to her tresses and people had to take a double take because she just looked …

Great Hairstyles From The Country Music Awards


Country Music AwardsIf you think that country musicians only wear cowboy hats, jeans, and cowboy boots, you must not have watched the Country Music Awards last week. Everything form head to toe was much more fashionable. There were some hairstyles that really stole the show! Who knew that the Oscar recipient Gwyneth Paltrow could also play guitar and sing a country tune? Both her performance and her “hairpparence” were flawless. Here are some other ladies of “honky tonk” that should be recognized for their hairstyles.

Are Long Locks Only For The Young At Heart?


Are Long Locks Only for The Young At Heart?With 40 being the new 30, middle-aged women are looking better than ever and showing it. With endless ways to take better care of themselves by eating healthy, getting exercise, and proper skin care. Are long locks only for the young at heart?

5 Celebrity Hairstyles From The NYC Marathon


5 Celebrity Hairstyles From The NYC MarathonThe weather in New York City yesterday was absolutely perfect for the NYC Marathon. This year, 43,000 people participated in this amazing feet of endurance and I admire them all. Within those 43,000, some very well known celebrities let their “hair down” and got sweaty.

Stars That Shine In Short Hairstyles


Stars-That-Shine-In-Short-HairstylesEven with people adding layer upon layer with the brisk weather forecast, hairstyles among celebrities are getting shorter. We know what brings on the change in the weather, but what is bringing on the change of hairstyles?

Hair Color Trends This Fall That Might Surprise You


Hair Color Trends For Fall That Might Surprise You Now that Fall is in full swing and our winter coats have been pulled out of storage, hair color is also changing with the season. Before you run out and make any drastic changes to your hair “true” hair color, you will want to read about trends this Fall. According to a recent article online at the Huffington Post by Luis Lucari, “deeper or darker regrowth is not longer objectionable; is now looks smart and deliberate. Does this …