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Handmade Hats From Fashion Week 2011


Handmade Hats From Fashion Week 2011Whether you cover your hair for warmth or strictly for fashion, you will love what head covering creations came out of The Greenshows when New York Fashion Week. 2011 hit the town earlier this week. An array of creativity made each of the 42 hats displayed both eye catching and unique. What makes this collection even more special is that each hat is completely handmade by small millinery businesses and individual milliners, all in the business of designing hats. Here are some …

Hairstyle Hits From The 2011 Grammy Awards


Hairstyle Hits From The Grammy AwardsSocial media outlets and online communities like facebook and twitter were all a buzz this past Sunday evening during The Grammy Awards. Justin Bieber fans got their fill with his incredible performance. When it comes to hairstyle ideas, Justin has no need to change his signature, bangs to the side, tresses. However, other performers were off the charts with their hairstyles at this year’s Grammy’s.

Cheesy Hairstyles and Accessories From Superbowl 2011


Cheesy Hairstyles And Accessories From Superbowl 2011If you are a Wisconsin native, you are problaby still relishing in the victory of the Green Bay Packers last night over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The game, advertisements, the half-time show, and nosh were all on our minds leading up to and on the big day. A topic that wasn’t in discussed in much detail, was the “cheesy” hairstyles and accessories from Superbowl 2011.

How To Host Your Own Superbowl Party This Weekend


It seems as though the Chicago Bears have lost their place in the Superbowl 43 this year, but Mother Nature had other plans for Chicago anyway this week. In fact, the winter weather has impacted both the fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers in one way or another. Well, the show must go one, and what about all of those Superbowl advertisements?! If you are hosting you’re own Superbowl Party, check out some of these great tips so you can host and “toast” …