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How To Watch The Royal Wedding From Anywhere


If your vacation plans did not coincide with the Royal Wedding this year, you are not alone. If you are somebody that must know what Prince William and Kate Middleton look like as their wedding is happening, you won’t need to take your lawn chairs anywhere but your own front yard. How is this possible? How is this not possible is the better question. A new study from Nielsen shows that the coverage of the wedding by the U.S. press is more extensive than the British media. …

The History of the Easter Bonnet


There is nothing like a fun holiday to celebrate spring and Easter does just that. Some of the customs associated with Easter that we are most familiar with include decorating boiled eggs and searching for them at an Easter Egg Hunt. Another custom is putting on new clothes. New clothes? Really? This idea comes from Northern Europe, where the goddess of spring would be insulted if anybody was seen wearing anything but new clothing at the start of the season. Not only is it fun to go …

How To Make Passover Fun For Kids


How To Make Passover Fun For KidsEven in the most remote supermarkets, boxes of Matzos can be found this time of year. Jews around the world will be taking a bite out of these flat, perforated pieces of bread starting Monday evening, April 18. The holiday of Passover is not just about the tasteless piece of bread, but the story behind why it is consumed. This is why the telling of the story of Passover (Jewish people were saved by G-d and taken out of slavery) is …

Some Over The Top Hats From St. Patrick’s Day


vNo matter what year it is, St. Patrick’s Day will always fall on March 17. This year, Irish and non-Irish people around the world took on the “look of the Irish” and wore hats that were–well–interesting. Is there significance in this custom?

Yes, there is a reason behind the March 17th celebration and his name was St. Patrick. This is the day he died, which is important because he brought Christianity to Ireland. What does this have to do with a three leaf clover?

Staycation Games That Your Kids Will Love


With spring break on our minds, questions about how to entertain children is also a topic of discussion. With the current state of the economy, many families have decided to make a staycation their destination this year. This may not have families on the road, but staying at home also requires creative thinking. I remember the days of pick-up-sticks and old maid. These games can only be played for so long. Now there is a new game to add to the mix which is great news for …

How To Have Pretty Feet This Spring


Even though spring is officially here, winter has decided to hang on just a little bit longer. Snow is even in the forecast for New Yorker’s this weekend. This will not stop pretty feet from being seen. If your feet aren’t flip-flop accessable, here are some tips on how you can have pretty feet without leaving your own home.