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How to Host a Memorial Day BBQ


How to Host a Memorial Day BBQWith Memorial Day just one week away, friends and family are still figuring out how to spend it.  Should they travel out of town or clean out the garage? Some of the most popular ways to spend Memorial Day is to fire up the grill and Barbeque (BBQ). Too busy to even think about it? Here are some hints and tips to help you host a Memorial Day BBQ without getting too fired up!

Hairstyles for the Graduate


Hairstyles for the GraduateThis time of year people are attending graduation ceremonies. Even Hollywood celebrities have been hired to speak at even more graduation ceremonies than last year. Some of the celebrities sporting a cap and gown this year to address graduates include Tom Hanks (Yale), Amy Poehler (Harvard), and Denzel Washington (Penn). There are even some celebrities, like the star of 127 Hours James Franco, in a blue cap and gown not as the speaker, but as a graduate from New York University’s Tisch …

A White Smile Equals A Wider Smile


We all know that beautiful hair can make or break our day. Something else that can make, or break, a first impression is yellow teeth. People know the best hair brush on the market, but when it comes to a toothbrush the knowledge is not the same. It takes more than just a fancy toothbrush to have pearly whites. Not sure what you need to do to get a ‘whiter smile’? Here are some tips and hints to help you have the winning smile you deserve.

How To Tie A Scarf And Wear It Well


With the sun finally upon us, the sunglasses, hats, and scarves are out and on us in full force. Sunglases and hats are typical, but scarves are not so common. If you have not worn a scarf as a hair accessory before, this concept can be very intimidating. Have no fear, here are some tips on how to tie a scarfe and wear it well this spring and summer.

The first thing you need to do is tie all of your hair back in a low bun. …

FBI: Wig Saved Woman From NJ Bank Robbery Suspect


It was a hair’s breadth escape by a woman from a bank robbery suspect in northern New Jersey last week.
An FBI report filed Monday in the criminal complaint against Luis Aparicio claims he tried to rob a Chase Bank branch in Rutherford last Thursday and take a woman hostage, only to be foiled by her wig.

What Gifts Will Be A Hit This Mother’s Day


What To Buy For Mothers DayMother’s Day has many scrambling for last minute gifts to arrive by Sunday, May 8th, 2011. Keep the scrambling to your eggs and see how easy it is to shop for mom, even the Thursday before Mother’s Day. Here are some gift ideas that will make your mom(s) proud.

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year


Happy Mothers Day

Every year, news outlets cover the latest and greatest gifts for us to buy for Mother’s Day. While the gift is important, the time spent with mom is also very important. Not sure how to split the time between mom and mother-in-law? When you live across the country or in another continent, how is that Mother’s Day Brunch going to happen? Here are some simple and meaningful ways to celebrate Mother’s Day that you should consider.

Hats That Brought New Heights To The Royal Wedding


Royal Wedding HatsEven though the Royal Wedding is now a piece of viewing history, the buzz around the fashions worn by their guests continues to swarm the internet. An accessory that the British know all too well is, well, the top story on the fashion beat as well. Some of the hat styles were know for their design, while others were just interesting.

Stepmother Steps In With Class. The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William’s stepmother, looked very proud in her wide brim hat in off-white. …