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The Stay-At-Home Summer


Camp is a blessing on so many levels. A place that children can go for a few hours everyday and keep busy. However, camp is not always an option in our down economy. Here are some ideas that will keep your kids busy and happy this summer wihtout going to camp.

Ways to Make Back to School Shopping Easier


Summer is in full swing and bathing suits, suntan lotion, swim shoes, and towels are the top contents in backpacks today. Even with a few weeks before the official start of school, back to school shopping is on the radar screen. Students, teachers, and parents are searching for the best deals all in one place online. There are some oinline tools to make this process even easier this season. Here is how one online resource will make back to school shopping easier and more cost-effective this year. …

How to Keep Cool in a Heat Wave


The heat is on and people across the US are feeling it. The infants, the elderly, and athletes are a target for such high temperatures. Don’t let the heat get to you. Follow these important tips on how to beat the heat and know when somebody is need of meddical attention.

Kate Middelton’s Hairstyle Invade America


Kate-Middleton Invades The USAThe summer has been hot and things last week got even hotter when Kate Middelton walked the red carpet. She was exquisite in her wedding gown, but she sure has kept up appearances.

This past week, Kate wore an Alexander McQueen dress like, well, a real princess. This look was topped off by a glamorous hairstyle. In the summer heat, getting any hairstyle to look flawless can be challenging. Does one need an entourage of hairstylists to have her that looks so beautiful? According to …

Great Ways to Keep Your Skin Safe This Summer



July 4thmay be behind us, but the affects of the sun are still fresh. Avoid the pain of sunburn and future skin cancer with the following tips that are so easy even a 3 year old can do them!

How to Make a July 4th BBQ


How to Make a July 4th BBQ this YearFrom small towns to large cities across the USA, the American Flag is hanging proudly. Preparations for July 4th celebrations’ are in full swing. If you haven’t yet decided how to celebrate, check out some of these BBQ bash ideas.