Monthly Archives: October 2011

Can A Pill Take The Gray Away From Your Hair?


Today’s tough climate has a lot of young people going gray sooner than later. While visions of gray tresses are beautiful on some, others may find that they are not ready to go there yet. In our very image conscious society, the site of gray hair may have younger people looking older. This can be problematic on a job interview and even in dating situations. Is there an alternative to expensive hair coloring treatments from the salon to remove gray hair?

Halloween Ideas Your Kids Will Love


The Halloween section in popular stores like Target are swarming with kids this week. With Halloween just around the corner, children are having their pick of Halloween costumes this year. Whether it is their favorite Disney Pixar character or animal, these costumes can be found almost everywhere. The other good news is that they can made from home as well.

Does Stress Affect Hair Loss In Women?


In today’s uncertain economic climate, stress is part of our daily “dress”. ┬áJob loss, unpaid bills, raising children, and health issues. What impact is this having on your head besides a lot of worry? Recent studies have found that stress does result in hair loss for men and women. Yes, women.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes In 2011


There are some very popular costumes this Halloween that will be made even better by the wacky wigs, hip hairstyles and exciting accessories. Who and what are most in demand this year? You won’t be surpised that some of the most popular characters on the “Hallowscene” this year require a lot of fun and creativity. See who and what you might bump into ‘in the night’ this October 31st!

Got Girls? Easy Hairstyles To Make The Morning Routine Easier This School Year


Getting children up and off to school on time in the morning is not an easy task. No matter how many outfits are planned and backpacks packed in advance, something always comes up. Most often, keeping a girl happy with her choice of hairstyle and accessories. This can change during the morning routine. Avoid these last minute changes and be prepared for anything during the morning rush.