Monthly Archives: December 2011

How to Look and Feel Hot on New Year’s Eve


Now that the Christmas gifts have been accepted or rejected, finding a New Year’s Eve outfit is on the agenda. Whether you are staying in or going out on the town, here are some fashionable and fun clothing options you will love.

How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling This Holiday Season


The number of people that travel during the winter holidays are tremendous. This even with a down economy, TSA scans, and bed bugs. There are some things that just can’t be avoided, but bed bugs can be one of them. Here are some tips so that when you travel with your family in the next couple of weeks, you don’t bring any extra and unwanted baggage roundtrip.

How to Keep Hair Looking Hot in the Cold of Winter


 Now that the blue of the beach is just a distant memory, our bodies and hair now need to adjust to the cold. There are some really easy hair care tips that keep luscious locks flowing, even on the coldest days this winter.

Best Holiday Hairstyles for Girls


This is such a wonderful time of year for children. The anticipation of gifts, family travel, and party going. Dressing-up for a party is especially fun for girls that love to dress-up. Many girls feel that it is like being their favorite princess for the day. Once the dress, shoes, tights, and coat have been selected, see these hairstyles to complete the look!

How To Prevent Lice This Holiday Season


This is the season of giving. There are charitable ways to give online and offline. Nevertheless, there is one gift families do not want to give, or receive, this holiday season. That gift is LICE. This is a very stressful topic! There are ways to prevent these nits from getting in the way of your fun this holiday season. While investigating this topic online, these prevention tips from The Lice Treatment Center has some great prevention tips.