Monthly Archives: January 2012

Hot Hairstyles From The SAG Awards


This past Sunday evening, the red carpet was all a glow as some of Hollywood’s most glamorous women arrived at The SAG Awards. I was very impressed with the trends in both clothing and accessories and here are some of them.

Oscar Buzz About Hairstyles And Accessories


The 84th Annual Oscar nominations went out earlier this week. There are so many spectacular films nominated this year. One of my favorite parts of any film are the hairstyles and costumes. I am not referring to the red carpet. What I absolutly love is a film that transcends time and brings back styles that have gone, but are not forgotten.

How to Keep Static Away from Your Hair This Winter


You know winter has arrived when O’Hare International Airport has cancelled all flights for the day. Blizzard like conditions and the cold will make any uncovered head a target for below zero feel. So, it is hats on to keep warm, what not to keep on is static hair. This can be especially embarrassing when arriving to a meeting, special event, or first date. Here are some hints and tips on how to avoid static hair this winter.

How to Avoid Getting Sick This Year


Even though the weather has been mild this winter, hats and gloves are still in order. There are many people that bundle up at the slightest drop in temperature for fear of getting sick. Is it a hat and gloves that will combat the flu this season? According to, there is more to it than that.

How to Follow Through with New Year’s Resolutions


Now that the wine glasses have been cleared and the streamers swept-away, how will people make their New Year’s resolutions a reality. Here are some common resolutions accompanied by some very attainable goals.