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You Don’t Have to be French to Love a Beret


While we are most inclined to associate the beret with the French, it has also has a long history in Spain and Italy. The beret was firstĀ produced in theĀ 19th Century in these countries. Ever since that time, Artists, men, women, revolutionary groups, military and police units around the world have also adopted the beret into their fashion and passion.

Some Wide Ideas About The Sombrero


I love learning about the origins of hats from around the world. Most recently, my hat finding mission took me to Mexico. I am already a huge fan of Mexican food and a table-side seranade by a Mariachi band. I have always appreciated their bright and decorative costumes, sombrero to boot! In fact, the sombrero,has some fantastic facts behind its origin. Her are 3 that I found most via my journey south of the border.

3 Things You Will Want To Know About Conical Hats


I am always excited when I learn new things about hats from around the world. Most recently, I had the opportunity to look into the history of the rice hat. This conical hat is also known as the sedge hat, paddy hat, and coolie hat. I wanted to share 3 interesting facts about the conical hat that I stumbled upon in my search to learn more about this hat. Thanks to great sites like wikipedia, here are 3 fantastic facts about the rice hat that you should …