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Let Hair Be Covered


If you ever experience thinning hair, find out why it is thinning before you become overly concerned with the appearance. You might be neglecting to fix the underlying cause because you are so engrossed in masking the thinning locks. Your first instinct might tell you to immediately cover using all sorts of hats and headwear. While that is not taboo, it will help to know that there are some things you can do to add volume to your mane.

Do Season Changes Affect Your Hair


It is not unusual for hair to undergo some adjustments during season changes as the weather does affect your locks. Hairdos that work well during the summer may prove harder to sport during winter months. This is likely the reason why some choose to simply wear hats or beanies during this time. But the changes in season should never be a reason for your hair to look bleak as the weather which in turn may affect your mood.

With the right hair care product and proper hair treatment, …

Fashion Head Wraps Creation with Scarves


Pulling your fashion wrap assembly can be easy as A-B-C with a head scarf. Undeniably, scarves have become a fashion staple and if you haven’t one yet, it is about time you owned one; more is better. You see, once you have fallen into head wraps and learned different ways of tying a scarf to adorn your head (and add flavor to your getup, of course), only your creative imagination is the limit.

Scarves come in many different colors, designs and patterns and a wardrobe cannot be considered …

Three Types of Straw Hats


Often designed with brim and made of straw or reeds, this type of hat is very common in Asian countries. But did you know that there are three different straw hat types?

The Conical Asian Straw Hat

As mentioned above, this hat type is very typical in Asia, particularly the Southeast Asia. Its shape is similar to that of an upside-down cone and is secured by a strap tied right at the chin to keep it in place. Used mostly by …

Hats to Fit Through Size Reduction


Head gears have always had a huge following since time immemorial. From religious to practical uses, they have been around to serve different purposes. Felt hats, fedoras, bonnets, berets, funny hats – name it and you surely have seen it worn by many people, celebrity or ordinary.

Different designs, material and sizes have come and gone but the most popular fitted hat has always been in style.

Scarves to Wear the Right Way


Did you know that when you wear scarves in many different ways you create a new fashion look each time? You see a scarf is not only to keep yourself warm during the cold winter months but to look hip and stylish too when you choose the right material or fold, tie or wrap them the right way.

Typically wool scarves go well with sweatshirts made of the same material while cotton scarf  is a perfect match for a cotton blouse. However, it does not necessarily follow that …

Congratulations, It’s a Beanie!


Of course this is not about somebody who gave birth to a beanie but about some facts about the beanies from way back. A beanie hat is a small, round head cover that fits closely and is often made of soft fabrics, sometimes a crochet.

“Bean” is a jargon meaning “head” back in the 1900’s when college freshmen at the time wore the early form of beanies during fraternity initiations. The said hats were also worn by workers …

Is Hair Loss Caused by Wearing Hats


Hair loss can cause anyone to go on a panic mode and hit the panic button asking too many questions at the same time. What could have caused it? What can prevent it? So on and so forth. You might also have heard that wearing a hat can cause the hair to thin out but is it true?

There are several reasons why a person would suffer from hair loss and the most blamed culprit is stress. When hair fall begins, the tendency is to wear a hat …

Headbands -What Kind to Buy


If you want fast and easy way to accessorize, there is no need to look elsewhere in your closet or drawer. With hair pieces such as headbands, in an instant you are accessorized. But with so many headbands available in the market, you may want to know what kind or what type of headband may be the best to buy. Below are some suggestions:

Crochet Headband

Undeniably one the well-picked type of headband is crochet.

Bring On that Big Grin with Kids’ Hats


Getting some accessories is to make you look more appealing, attractive and glamorous, right? Well, yes in a way but not always. You see, there are times when you need to buy your kids some accessories too for fun activities that they enjoy with other kids. Give them the right head wear whether for protection or as head accessories and surely you can’t smile the silly kiddy grins off their faces.

Getting the right accessories for your kids is easy …