Monthly Archives: November 2012

Beanie Hat – How it started?


Are you starting to feel the cool winter breeze? Do you already use thick jacket whenever you are outdoors? Have you started shopping for new winter accessories and gears? If you say yes to all these, well that’s great—embracing the cold winter season is far better than wishing you’re somewhere else warmer. So, what have you shopped so far? A new pair of gloves? Scarves? Oh, you’ve got yourself a beanie hat—that’s cool! This hair covering will sure make you feel comfortable, especially if you stay outdoors …

Fedora Hats: Be a Man of Style


These days, women are not just the only ones who are conscious about their looks but men too. Ask any man what his favorite clothing and hair accessories are, and he’ll immediately give you answers like what women do. And if any woman loves wearing fedora hats, any man will sure do too. So today, fedora hats for men are widely available for those looking to be a true man of style.

Choosing the Right Hairbrush


Some people still think that in order to keep their hair looking good and feeling great, they have to brush their hair 100 times before going to bed. But little do they know that this is no longer the norm, as the key to great-looking hair is using the right hair care products including the hairbrush that you use. Yes, even if you use the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair, without the proper hairbrush, you still can’t have that soft, shiny, and healthy hair that …

Banana Clips – No Longer Just an 80s Affair


Gone are the days when people only think about the 80s whenever they hear the words “banana clips”. Because today, these hair accessories have become more popular than ever—they don’t just add that little something to take any girl’s feathered bangs and layered hair a little further but also keep her looking stylish and fashionable. That is why more and more designs, styles, and colors are made available for these accessories—providing teens, young adults, and adults alike wider options to choose from.

But what really is a banana …

Berets – What You Need to Know?


Berets have long been associated with military people; in fact, there’s even a war movie that showcased this hair covering and its entitled “The Green Berets”. But today, berets are more than just components of military uniform; they are a form of fashion statement—a symbol of style and elegance. So if you’re thinking about getting a new set of hair accessories and coverings this fall, then consider berets on top of your list.

Shawls – Perfect for Autumn and Winter


A few more weeks to go and we’ll all be bidding goodbye to the autumn season and saying hello to snowy winter. But before we do that, we must ensure that we’re equipped with the right hair coverings for winter. Well, there are lots of hair accessories that we can actually look into such as winter hats and berets. But if you want something that you can use both for autumn and winter, then shawls are the highly recommended accessories for you.