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Deck the Hall…Err…The Hair


For all the Rapunzels out there, Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to deck the hall..I mean your hair with hair accessories that are cool for the season. With so many types to choose from – hair bands, hair clips, hats, bonnets, ribbons, pins, tiaras – there is just no running out of things to deck your crowning glory with.

Hair accessories are actually an all-time, all-season must haves if you always want to look your best no matter how simple your outfit may …

Hair Accessories – What You Need to Know


During granny’s time, it takes a great deal of time and skills to set up a hair do just to go out of the house. You only find women put their hair down when they go to sleep. Otherwise, it is always fixed in a neat style or two to think that during those days, there were not so many hair pins and clips that women can use. Today however, hairdos can be easier with the abundance of hair accessories to choose from.

Why of course you will …

How to Keep your Ears Warm During Winter?


One of the most sensitive parts of the body during winter is our ear. Try to go outdoors during this cold winter month without covering it, and you’ll sure regret not wearing any head covering especially if you’re staying outdoors for a long period. So how do you keep your ears warm during winter? Listed below are some effective ways to do just that.

1. Use ear muffs. Although these are often overlooked headwear accessories, one most not deny the fact that these are very effective at keeping …

Hair Rollers – Get Redefined Curls


If you want to get redefined curls yet you don’t want to use hair curling irons, you can always go back to basic—and that is by using hair rollers. That’s right, many women today still use these hair accessories, as they are still very effective at redefining curls. So, what types of curls do you have in mind? Are you thinking about getting rounder, bouncier curls? Or are you more inclined towards getting spiral curls? Whatever you choose from these two, hair rollers will sure give you …

Why Wear Headbands?


Babies, kids, schoolgirls, teens, young adults, and adults—you’ll all see them wearing headbands at some point. So what makes these accessories very popular? To know why they’re a hit to people of all ages, here are the top 5 reasons:

1. Headbands can be worn with any type of clothing.Whether you are wearing your favorite shirt, an elegant dress, or any casual attire, you can easily pair it with a nice, fashionable headband. From wide headbands