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Where Did Snoods Come From


In the early days, snoods are worn by both men and women as they were back then commonly known as a head gear that covers the hair and extends all the way to the nape. It was a clothing material that is used on the head but there was a time when they were popularly made with nets. Hence in the United States, they are more popularly called hair nets than snoods.

Commonly known as a tubular neck scarf, it is regularly used by skiers and snowboarders. However, …

Hair Accessories for Baby’s 1st Birthday


Your little girl is turning one soon, and for sure, you’re very much excited to celebrate this special milestone in her life. Oh, how time flies! Just a few months back, she was that tiny little princess you’re holding for the first time. And now, she’s grown big, tall, and so adorable. I’m pretty sure you can hardly wait for her big day. So, what are your plans so far? I bet, you’re going to throw her a grand 1st birthday party. That’s cool! With that, you’ll …

Sassy and Sexy with Silk Headbands


From practical pieces of cloth made to conquer sweats or keep the hair or face away from dirt and smoke, the headband has transformed into a fashion must-have especially silk headbands. Today, headbands are considered among the top fashion accessories in sports or in casual wear and are among the widely used girl essentials.

In sports, the headband is worn as protection against sweat and to keep the hair away from near the eye area. The materials used for such kind are those that easily absorb water so …

Bananas on Your Hair?


Of course it is not the fruit that is being referred to by the title but the ever-fashionable hair accessory, the banana clips. This popular hair accessory became a trend in the 80s and continues to be used by many women to keep their hair neat and looking gorgeous at the same time.

This hair piece consists of two comb-like arrangement connected together at one end that allows it to open and close and is clipped shut on the other end. This concept may have originated from how …

Helpful Tips When Buying Hats for Your Baby


Baby hats are some of the most effective hair coverings to keep your little one warm and comfortable during the cold weather; not only that, they make your baby look fashionable too. But with the myriad of options available today, finding the right one for your baby can be a daunting task. Although it’s so easy to buy the first one that you come across with, often times it’s not the best idea because you might end up paying …

Hair Clips for Kids and Babies


Whether short-haired or long-haired, kids and babies alike love wearing hair clips. These hair accessories do make great fashion statements and are very effective at managing the hair. These usually come in varying colors, the most popular of which are pink and purple for young girls, and these are available in many cute designs. In fact, some clips even have teddy bear designs while others have bow and flower designs to give infants and kids a more stylish look. And what’s more, they come in different types …

Baby Girl Headbands – Fashion and Comfort in One


Your baby’s skin is soft and delicate, so it’s highly important that you choose the right hair accessories for her. While babies hats may be very popular during the winter as these keep your baby’s head warm, these won’t be the best to wear for your little princess if you’re thinking about fashion at the same time. Although some baby winter hats do come in stylish designs, still nothing beats baby girl headbands when it comes to fashion and comfort in one.