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No Bad Hair Day


images (10)Back in the days of yore, overseeing and styling your hair alone is a testing undertaking. It obliges abilities and loads of hair embellishments simply to accomplish the look you need. Notwithstanding, today is an altogether diverse story – on account of the making of distinctive hairpins or horse holders planned for no particular reason ways and shades yet extremely practical in keeping hair perfect and clean. Brandishing even the least complex sort of haircut could be made flawless when beautified with these hair extras.

New Hair Color, New Season


il_340x270.433177530_m71zThroughout the colder months of winter, there’s not a lot that you can do to your hair since you generally need to utilize hair blankets like beanies, winter caps, snoods, and scarves to keep your head warm. In any case come springtime, you have more alternatives on the grounds that you can do away with hair blankets and utilize more trendy hair frill, for example, headbands and hairpins. Not just that, you can likewise really shade your hair for a fresher and more novel look in spring. …

Pretty Heiress Paris Hilton Wears a Headband


draft_lens1425682module12125335photo_1235176644celebrity_headbandShe is so many things in one: an heiress, a media personality, a model, a fashion designer, a socialite, and yes, an actress. But 32-year old Paris Whitney Hilton who is great-granddaughter of Hilton Hotels founder Conrad Hilton looked so young (yet so rich) in this photo sans too much make-up and earrings to adorn her face but she did throw on a headband that made her look neat and impish but chic.

The 2011 fashion scene has well-rounded headbands strongly felt and for good reason. Headbands are …

How Do Accessories Create a Whole New Look?


elegant-winter-hats-for-womenWearing the right clothes can create that stylish look that you have always wanted. Whether it’s as elegant as a gown, as classy as a pair of blouse and skirt, or as simple as a pair of jeans and comfortable shirt, you can look more dazzling and sophisticated as long as you find the one that matches you. But wait, why not pair your clothing with the right accessories to create a whole new look? True, small and as insignificant as these may seem, these can really make a difference to …

How Not to Wear Your Headbands?


headbandsHeadbands today are used not just to keep hair away from the face or eyes but also for fashion. True, fashion headbands have become a necessary addition to women’s wardrobes. In fact, a lot of woman use these accessories to make their look more striking rather than just styling their hair. Whether for casual wear or for formal attire, headbands have really become a recent craze in the fashion accessory. However, there are some things to note when wearing your headbands. Here are some instances on where …