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Sings from Heaven in Her Angel Costume


65906686-mariah-careyIf anything, the girl whose name was derived from the song They Call the Wind Maria and who could sing with a spectacular voice range that can span five octaves, must have been heaven-sent; an angel sent from above to sing for people on earth. Her songs Emotions, Dream Lover, Anytime You Need a Friend are just samples of compositions especially created for Mariah so she can showcase her register range. The costume she wore in this photograph is a perfect depiction of her being an angel …

Using Hair Rollers Made Easy


use_rollers_1 (1)If you have all the time and money in the world, perhaps you’ll be in a salon from time to time just to get the vibrant curly hair that you’ve always wanted. But since you don’t have, you have to find more practical ways to do so–and one of which is by using hair rollers.


Hair rollers are the most reliable hair accessories that you can use if you want to achieve soft waves and curls or looks with lots of hair volume. Although a curling iron …

Protect Your Hair from Damage While Asleep, Use Nightcaps


181After a long day at the office or school, your body and mind ache for relaxation and a good, well-rested sleep. It is very enticing to just hit the sack after a sumptuous dinner and balmy bath and be comforted by the soft, warm bed. But hold on, you need a nightcap also known as sleep caps to protect your hair.


Are you raising your eyebrows in wonder and asking aloud, “protect my hair from what”? Well, while it is easy to just jump right on the bed and …

Desiring Healthy, Long Hair


hair-care-250x250Because your hair is your crowning glory you may be curious how to make your hair grow faster to achieve stunning, rippling hair. However, there are several factors that hinders hair growth and even if you desire long, luscious locks, it may not be that easy.


Aside from proper hair care, shampoo and conditioner made for your hair type are essential in maintaining healthy hair and healthy hair tend to grow long faster. Another essential step is taking hair growth vitamins especially those that contain Biotin, a water-soluble B …