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Grow Hair Despite Stress


largeHair loss is irreparable said many who have suffered it and were unable to do anything about it. Even if you are blessed with a blood line that does not have hair loss problems, you may still encounter issues on how to make your hair grow faster when stress starts taking control and you see more and more hair falling.

If you can address the issue as early as possible, hair loss is not exactly irreversible. Among the many factors …

Prevent Hair Loss with Vitamins A, B, C, D, &E


Vitamins-for-Healthy-Skin-and-HairVitamin deficiency can cause the whole body to be lethargic and the same can be said about hair that is why there are hair growth vitamins. Taking vitamins can improve blood circulation, regulate hormones and helps you handle stress effectively.


Vitamin A – Hair requires the nutrients supplied by Vitamin A which helps in regulating the production of retinoic acid in the hair follicle.

Vitamins B – B complex vitamins is another part of hair care that has to …

Is it the Cap or Salma Hayek is Just Drop-Dead Beautiful?


salma-hayek-puss-in-boots-uk-01The United States must have been called the land of milk and honey because many people found opportunities in the country even for those who are from offshore. There are many celebrated names in different talent divisions and Hollywood is no exception even for the like of Salma Hayek who spoke with a thick Mexican accent which somehow mellowed over the years. Well perhaps her undeniably good looks from head to foot are so downright …

Gabrielle Union’s Union with a Wide-Brim Hat


gabrielleunionwidebrimmedhatThese days, it seems like more and more people wear hats. Are celebrities with a great sense for fashion to be blamed? Well, yes, no, maybe so but if you see them wear hats like it’s the most natural thing in the world and look good at the same time, why not, right? This is how Gabrielle Union looked like in this photo when she wore an all black ensemble. Picture the same photo without the hat on her head and it would not deliver the same chic …

Foods that Affect Hair Growth


homemade-remedies-for-fast-hair-growthHow to make your hair grow faster is no rocket science. Still, a lot of people can’t seem to acquire the discipline to take the right steps. What most individual fail to realize is that in any endeavor however mundane, a certain degree of effort and discipline has to be put into even in growing your hair.
Aside from eating the right kind of foods and proper hair care, it is also recommended that you take hair growth vitamins if you want longer hair, fast. Taking vitamins not only …

Livelier Lively who Wears a Hat


e2eZb1Tp4VBlGossip Girl’s Serena van der Woodsen was spotted in Paris, spreading her green goddess beauty around was what actress and model Blake Lively seemed to have been doing when she was caught on camera. She looked strikingly beautiful and livelier in the green flowing dress she had on but what made her a sight to be given a second glance was the hat that completed her total look that day.

Lively has finally created her own niche is the glamorous and hectic world of show business after playing …

Joanna Pacitti’s Easy Girly Look with a Leopard Print Headband


LFI_CATCH_AND_RELEASE_09It has been proven time and again that sometimes bad things happen in order for the good to come out of it and this is what seemed to have happened to Joanna Pacitti. For a girl of 12, who, after winning a contest that was supposed to give her the opportunity to join the cast of musical Annie’s revival, she was terminated even before the show commenced on Broadway. It must have been a big blow for a little girl but the incident could have been a …