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Fight premature greying of the hair using these simple steps


25-greySigns of aging come in all sizes, forms, and shapes including wrinkling of the skin and greying of the hair. As we get older, we noticed that our hair starts to turn grey. However, due to unhealthy lifestyle and stress that most people are facing today even the younger ones start to have grey hair. Even those in their early 20s start to notice some strands of grey hair and this is actually not a good thing. The hair …

Celebrity Hairstyle and its effect to pop culture


Male-celebrity-hairstyles-2014-395Celebrities are the leaders of fashion trends. A lot of people look up to them, especially when it comes to wearing clothing and styling the hair. As a matter of fact, the hairstyle of celebrities greatly influences the pop culture. Hairstyle is very influential because it can say a thousand words without even saying a thing. As you noticed, whenever celebrities change their hairstyle it seems like the world is also changing. People tend to adapt to the new …

The Pros and Cons of Dying Your own hair


19_dye_own_xxxlargeColoring the hair is one way of keeping yourself dated with the latest fashion trend. With the latest beauty trend, you can easily change the color of your hair from black, to brown, to blond, or to any color you like. There are two ways to dye your hair. You can visit a professional salon and have a professional hairstylist color your hair. The other way is to do the hair coloring on your own.

So which one should you choose? Should you go with at home box …

Hair Relax Versus Hair Rebonding


5e141738They always say that humans are not contented with the way they look. If they got straight hair, they want to curl it. If they got curly hair, they want to straighten it. It pretty sounds ironic, but that’s how humans are. For some time now, straight hair becomes the number one trend. People with straight hair want to further straighten their way and so as people with curly hair.

Now, there are two ways to straighten the hair: hair relax and hair rebond. Do you want to …

How to make hair extension lasts?


human-hair-easy-to-put-inHair extensions are designed to give you a longer and fuller hair. Who doesn’t want a fuller and longer hair? Of course, every woman wants to have long hair so that they can style their hair to any styles they want to. However, hair extensions are not a cheap thing. As a matter of fact, they can be very expensive. So, if you got a hair extension, then you have to know the secrets to lengthen the lifespan of …

Hairstyle suited for natural hair


Braided-Hairstyles-Black-HairWomen love to style themselves. If they have straight hair they want to make it curl. If they have curly hair, they want to make it straight. It’s quite confusing sometimes, but that’s how women are. They are unpredictable most of the time. Now, people with natural hair feel like they have a limited option when it comes to styling their hair. Well, this is actually a thing of the past because today women with natural hair can style their hair in many different ways.

Hairstyling hacks everybody should know


f342e52fa70c82fd6a0ffa7a8831b1dcff559c93A lot of us think that hairstyling is only for the experts. The truth is that it does not have to be that way. Hairstyling is for everyone. You just need to know some of the best hairstyling hacks. What are these? Keep on reading below.

Common hairstyling mistakes to be avoided


848602A lot of us would want to update our look and one way of doing so is by giving our hair the right haircut. However, there are common hairstyling mistakes we need to know and that should be completely avoided. What these hairstyles are? Keep on reading below.

Keratin Hair Treatment – Will It Benefit You?


womans-black-hair-treatment-0311-mdnYou probably have heard about keratin hair treatment, but what really is it all about? Will it benefit your hair? A keratin hair treatment is a type of hair straightening procedure, which aims to correct curls and frizzes. It will make your hair shiny and sheen, but keep in mind that the result is only temporary. If the keratin hair treatment is done properly, then it could last up to 10 months, but usually it will only last for …

Hairstyling Products – What are the best options?


86535962Hair products are designed to make your hair even more beautiful. However, you have to keep in mind that not all hair care products available in the product can make your hair truly beautiful. The price is not always the basis of determining whether the product truly works or not. Now, if you want to get the most out of your penny, then you have to know the best hairstyling products in the market.