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Argan oil for hair care


arganoilhairtreatments213141Argan oil is tagged as the miracle oil because of many health benefits it offers. In fact, it does a lot of good things for your hair. The oil is derived from Argan fruit by means of squishing and crushing the fruit. It has garnered a lot of praises from oil experts, especially skin and hair experts. With so many health benefits this oil brings, no wonder why its demand is dramatically increasing. With the increasing demand, a lot …

Short Hairstyle: Is It For You


New Short HairstylesThere are so many hairstyles to choose from, but women are traditionally expected to have long hair. Well, this is actually a thing of the past now. Today, independent modern women are not afraid to have short hairstyle. Women of today are more ready to explore the world and are not confined in a box. They know exactly what they want and are willing to do everything to achieve the kind of look that they always wanted.

Short layered hairstyle

To achieve this look, you need to …

Hairstyle for morning wedding


clip_image002_thumb112On your wedding day, you surely want to be the most beautiful woman. You want to make sure you will look at your best. However, when it comes to wedding hairstyle, the trends do come and go. Today, the trend is minimalist; nothing really fancy. It is all just plain hairstyle, especially if it is a morning wedding. If you want to come up with a modern wedding hairstyle that suits best for morning wedding, then keep on reading below.

Loose/laidback hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for morning wedding, …

Hairstyling tips for balding hair


Women-Hairstyles-Care-252x336Styling the hair can be very challenging especially if your head starts to bald. As what they always say, the hair is the crowning glory. So, you got to make sure that you know how to style your hair in a way that would hide the baldness. Below are the valuable tips that you can take advantage into when styling bald hair.

Combing the hair

If your hair is already balding, do not make a mistake by combing your hair straight …

Ideal Hairstyle For People with Big Forehead


hairstyles-2013We all have something within our body that we want to improve. Some people want to make their nose bigger while others feel the need to make their lips bigger. Some even find their forehead big than the usual. Are you one of these people? Do you find your forehead unsightly? Do you want to think of ways to make your forehead less noticeable? If yes, then this article is for you.

There are many different ways to make the forehead less noticeable and one of which is …

Hairbrush cleaning tips


imagesHair brush is one of the most important stuff a woman should have. It makes the hair look more presentable and it can also make or break your hair and scalp’s condition. Hence, it is important to choose the right hair brush. However, the task does not end in choosing the right hair brush. You have to make sure that you take good care of your hair brush so that you will get the most of the benefits they offer. If you want to find out the …

The Magic Hair Care Benefit Of Aloe Vera


healthy-hair-forever-living-smAloe Vera is considered one of the best medicinal plants in the world. It offers plenty of benefits to people not only to the skin, but as well as to the hair. Studies showed that it contains about 75 nutrients and more than 100 traceable nutrients. Do you want to know the magical benefits of Aloe Vera for your hair? If yes, then keep on reading below.

Hair Growth

Aloe Vera has long been used in the treatment of hair loss even before the ancient Egyptian time. The enzymes …

Are Hair Clips The Right For You


2-Feather-Hair-Accessories-for-bridalHair accessories come in all shapes, styles, forms, and sizes. Some are big while others are small. Some are made from metal while others are made from plastics. There are plenty of choices to choose from and its reapply up to you to decide which one would perfectly suit your hair and your styling needs. You are probably aware of headband; the one use by both kids and kids at heart. Then, there are pony tail and hair clips. …