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From thin to fuller looking hair – know the secrets


optic care imagesDo you have thin or fine hair strands? Do you want to make your hair fuller? If yes, then this article is for you. Making your hair look fuller is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. In fact, you don’t really need expensive products as there are natural solutions that are really proven effective. What are these? Keep on reading below.


Henna is a natural hair care product that has the ability to deeply condition the hair. …

Hair loss and what it says about your health


Stop-Hair-Loss-wehealthThe hair is the crowning glory. It symbolizes beauty, but don’t you know that it also says a lot about our health? Observe the kind of hair you have right now? What do you see? To give you insights as to what your hair says about your health, keep on reading below.

The best hair accessories for thick hair


High-Quality-Elastic-Olive-Head-Band-Hair-Accessories-Metal-Leaf-Hairband-Multi-use-Headband-necklace-BunPeople with fine hair want to make their hair thick. However, there are struggles and problems that only people with thick hair understand. One of the difficulties with having thick hair is the fact you will find it difficult for your hair to style, especially when it comes to choosing a hair accessory that can help secure thick hair in place. If you have been dealing with this problem for a long period of time, then worry …

Blow Dryer and Hair Dryer- Knowing the Difference


$_32You probably head of a blow dryer and a hair dryer? Do you find yourself confused and wondering as to what are the differences between the two? Well, when talking about these two hair styling tools the first thing that comes to mind is their efficiency in terms of drying the hair. However, if you are just like me then you would gladly want to know the difference between a blow dryer and a hair dryer. Keep on reading …

Common Hair Bleaching Methods


13862711323004401nR8Rtb2gcAre you one of many people who want to bleach their hair? If yes, then this article will surely be of big help for you. There are many different ways to bleach the hair and the common ways are mentioned below.

Bleaching using professional products

There are a lot of bleaching products and they can be easily purchased at the leading online and offline beauty stores. Some of the common professional bleaching products include bleach powder, crème developer, toner, red gold …

Headband: an all-around hair accessory


wedding-hair-accessory12Headbands are everywhere. You will notice that they are worn by women and children from all walks of life. What is it in headband that it is preferred by many? Well, headbands are classic accessory, which have been around since time immemorial. The headband is not only functional, but stylish too. Many headbands today are embellished with beads, gems, and synthetic stones, which made them even more appealing to fashionable women. They can also be worn during casual and …

Effective Natural Remedies for Grey Hair


Dayiss-Brand-New-Women-s-Wig-Fashion-Punk-Lady-Girl-Costume-Holloween-Party-Long-Body-WavyAging is a part of life; including the changes that come with it. One of the visible signs of aging is greying of the hair. People in their 40s start to notice the appearance of grey hair. A few white hair isn’t that bad, but once the number goes out of control and starts to cover majority of your hair, then you surely start to freak out and panic. In fact, with lifestyle that many people have …

Hair Accessories for Chic Ladies


il_fullxfull.194155244A good hairstyle is enough to make you look presentable to other people. However, if you want to get noticed and really stand out from the rest of the crowd, then you need to use the right hair accessory. There are tons of hair accessories out there, but only a few ones can surely make you look chic and fashionable. Hence, you need to come up with a smart choice.