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The timeless way to wear a scrunchie


The timeless way to wear a scrunchieThe scrunchie is one of the classic hair accessories. It became popular in the 90s and when talking about scrunchie the first thing that comes to mind is a thing of the past. Well, it is in some sort, but as you know, fashion trend comes and goes. As a matter of fact, in today’s modern world the scrunchie is still widely used. You might find it hard to believe but it was …

Wear scrunchie the 2016 style


Wear scrunchie the 2016 styleWhen talking about scrunchie the first adjective that comes to mind is vintage. Don’t you know that even a vintage scrunchie can be used the modern way? Below are the recommended ways to wear a scrunchie the 2016 style.

Hair accessories for career women


Hair accessories for career womenHair accessories have the power to add glam not just to your hair but to your overall look. They can be the focal point of your appearance, but it is important to choose the right hair accessory. No matter what the length of your hair is, there will surely be a hair accessory that fits your personality and fashion style.

Hair accessory: an art and fashion in one


Hair accessory an art and fashion in oneThe way you style your hair and put on your hair accessory are actually an art and fashion in one. It is already given that a woman loves styling her hair using different types of hair accessory. Time and again new hair accessory is introduce in the market, but the trend comes and goes. A hair accessory is a powerful hairstyling tool because it can greatly affect the way you look in …

Hair Style That Attract Men

Tweet is a type of filament which grows from the follicles located in the skin of mammals. Hair is a very important since it serves as a protective gear to the skull. It also prevent direct sunlight to the head. It gives shape to the head and face as well. A good hairstyle enhances the beauty of a person. Hair is cherished by many African women who unlike their counterparts in Europe have short hairs due to the weather …

How to choose a nice hairstyle on your wedding day


princess wedding hairstyleMarriage is a very important part of the embodiment of human. Since the days of Adam, marriage has become part of the cultural settings in our various societies. It involves two persons usually a man and a woman who have agreed to live their lives together for the rest of their lives. However before one is given out in marriage, there is the need for some kind of ceremony to initiate the bride and groom into their …

Hair accessories for bright sunny days


Hair 1Bright sunny days are the best time of the year for many people because it enables them to do various sports activities. It is also the best time of the year for people to style their hair using various hair accessories for summer. There are many hair accessories and head pieces to choose from and some of them are the following:

Hats – during summer time, a lot of men are walking around wearing their favourite hat. Many men prefer to wear a ball cap for a …

Hair accessory selection for chic pretty ladies


e917e613ac0bbec4d1212d1fa8b78babHairstyling has been a significant part of grooming. Men and women alike love to style their hair because it gives them an instant confidence boost. There are various hairstyles to choose from but a great hairstyle will surely make you look and feel good about yourself. Hair accessory does play a big role in hairstyling. As you can see, there are tons of hair accessories to choose from and your goal is to find a hair accessory that best …