3 Things You Will Want To Know About Conical Hats

I am always excited when I learn new things about hats from around the world. Most recently, I had the opportunity to look into the history of the rice hat. This conical hat is also known as the sedge hat, paddy hat, and coolie hat. I wanted to share 3 interesting facts about the conical hat that I stumbled upon in my search to learn more about this hat. Thanks to great sites like wikipedia, here are 3 fantastic facts about the rice hat that you should know.

Keep the sun out and away. This hat is secured on the head by a strap made from silk, which also keeps the hat away from touching the head. This way, it can keep heat and sun away with ease. Most of these hats are made from straw and when they are emersed in water, they make a great cooling station for the hat’s owner. This is necessary, as farmers are out in the fields all day.

Location, location, location. This hat is worn in many places in the Southeast and East of Asia. If you do plan on visiting China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam, you will see this on the heads of farmers almost everywhere in China.

Totally angular. The conical hat is recognized by its sharp angles and pointy top. According to wikipedia.com, the group of Asians that make the most of their conical hats are the nón lá of Vietnam. Known for their creativity and use of color, certain conical hats in have poetic verses written on them. This can be seen by the onlooker when the hat is tipped up into the sunlight. Now, that in itself is poetic!

Have you ever traveled to Asia? Did you notice a lot of conical hats in certain Asian countries?

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