5 Insane But True Things About Headband Styles

5 Things About Headband StylesMy five year old daughter never leaves home without her headband. Her favorite one is turquoise and made of plastic. She doesn’t quite understand the real purpose of this hair styling tool and at times does not fit all of her hair behind it. If I try to nudge her and put it on for her she will have not part of it. This led me to a fact finding mission about headband styles. Is a headband for keeping hair away from the face or is it just a style thing?

My conclusion is that the headband style depends on the person behind it, or in my daughter’s situation, not behind it. I would like to share the 5 insane but true things I learned about headbands during my fact finding mission.

Go Ask Alice, I Think It Shows
I have the image of Alice and her hair gear from Through the Looking-Glass in my head. That is why horseshoe-shaped headbands are sometimes called Alice bands.

It’s All Greek To Me
Ancient Greeks wore hair wreaths in their hair for very special occasions and important events. Cultures such as the Etruscans and Romans started to decorate their wreaths with jewels made up of gold and silver. I can’t imagine that would be the least bit comfortable, ouch!

Hoop, Hair It Is
Headbands are commonly worn during sports such as basketball and tennis. The sweatband was most popular amongst basketball and tennis players in the 1980’s. Who could forget Andre Agassi and his famous sweatbands and matching tennis outfits.

The Bra Strap Headband, Who Would Have Imagined This Fad?
One of the hottest hair trends for headbands was the bra strap. Really? Really.

Just One Skit, That’s All It Took
When Saturday Night Live aired the skit killer Bees Stephen Askin was inspired and invented the Deely Bobber in 1981 If you’re not familiar with this skit (you probably weren’t born yet) the killer Bees wore a headband with two springy protrusions resembling the antennae of insects affixed to the top.

Making The Most of your Wigdrobe
Wig wearing women have jazzed up their wigs with a whole new look with these headbands (you can find them at coveryourhair.com).

Whether headbands are often are part of a larger fashion statement – they can be color coded and matched accordingly to one’s outfit.

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