Are Long Locks Only For The Young At Heart?

Are Long Locks Only for The Young At Heart?With 40 being the new 30, middle-aged women are looking better than ever and showing it. With endless ways to take better care of themselves by eating healthy, getting exercise, and proper skin care. Are long locks only for the young at heart?

Along with women taking better care of themselves these days, Hollywood is also showing off their luscious locks more than ever. Jane Seymour, Vera Wang, Demi More, Christie Brinkley, and Julianne Moore are just a few middle-aged celebrities that wear it well. While this is okay in Hollywood circles, does it have the same response to the rest of the us?

When Dominique Browning published her article, “Should Middle-Aged Women Cut Their Hair? She did not cut short any of the responses she had received from her mother, sister, friends, and agent. So how do these people really feel about Dominique’s decision to wear her hair long? “My mother hates it. My sister worries about it. My agent thinks I’m hiding behind it. A concerned friend suggests that it undermines my professional credibility. But in the middle of my life, I’m happy with it. Which is saying a lot about anything happening to my 55-year-old body”. So, did these comments, and we know how our mothers can get to us…did she cut off her long hair?

No. Dominuque as well numerous others aren’t cutting anything short in their lives these days. Is her choice an act of rebellion against the aging process? Dominique wrote, “Well, my long hair is indeed a declaration of independence. I am rebelling, variously, against Procter & Gamble, my mother, Condé Nast and, undoubtedly, corporate America in general.”

Do you feel that middle-aged women should wear their hair short or long? Do you know you a middle-aged women that wears it well?

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