Banana clip hairstyle on the go

banana-clip-hairBanana clip is one of the most versatile hair accessories. You can style your hair in many ways without having to worry if your hair gets damaged. If you want to know the many ways you can use banana clip in styling your hair, then keep on reading this article.

Ponytail – styling the hair in a ponytail is easy with the help of banana clip. You will achieve a hairstyle that looks like a horse’s mane. It creates an illusion of a fuller and flair hair.

French Twist – achieving a French twist hairstyle is easy. Just pull the hair to create a loose ponytail and gently twirl the hair in a clockwise direction. Pull the hair and make sure that the tip of the hair is facing in an upward direction. Fold the hair into half and gently push the ends of the hair. Form a tight twist by turning round the folded hair. Secure in place using bobby pins. Gently slide the banana clip starting from the bottom.

Modern banana updo – you can use the banana clip to form a pile of curls just on the crown of the head. This is a modern twist using a classic updo and a banana clip. To do so, just open the clip and gather hair at the top of the crown. Make sure your hair is neat and free from tangles. With one hand, hold the hair in one place and pile the curls on top. Get the banana clip and place gently on the hair. Make sure that the clip is not pointing out. Gently arrange the curls. If the hair is sliding off, you can make them stay in place by using bobby pins.

Banana Braid –style your hair in a loose French braid. Start from the peak of the skull going to the nape of the neck. Insert the banana clip from the bottom. Make sure that the end of the braid falls freely and sticks out of the clip. Lift the braid just a little and close the banana clip. Use the appropriate size of the clip. Hide the clip by loosening the hair at the top.

Banana Clip Bun – for this particular hairstyle, you have to use a small banana. Gather your hair in a ponytail. Gently roll your hair to form a bun. Roll the sections of the hair away from the center of the ponytail. Tuck the hair just adjacent to the base of the clip. To secure the hair in place, you have to use bobby pins. At the end of the hairstyling, you should be able to form a doughnut like bun.

If you feel like your hairstyle is limited when using banana clip, then you are wrong. There are many ways to style your hair using a banana clip. You just have to unleash your creativity and resourcefulness. The hairstyles mentioned above are just some of the many ways to style the hair with the use of banana clips.

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