Banana Clips – Going Back to an Old Love

hair accessories- banana clipsThey say never go back to an old love because it’s just like reading a book over and over again, yet you already know how it ends. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way when it comes to hair accessories. As a matter of fact, accessories during the ’80s and even the ’90s are making a comeback, and many people embrace the thought of going back to their old love because they are just simply stylish and convenient to use. And some accessories that seem like they never really leave the fashion scene are the banana clips.

At first glance, these hair accessories look like combs that are joined together, allowing you to pull your hair back from each side to form an effect that is similar to a mane of hair that runs down at the back of your head. These were really very popular during the ’80s, but they slowly took the back seat when more stylish headbands and hair clips came in the ’90s. In spite of these, still a lot of women keep these banana clips in their closets and use them from time to time. Now, if you’re not among them, you can always find these popular ‘80s accessories online, so, it’s really easy to go back to your old love.

Banana clips are here to stay, no matter how many hair accessories come on top of them. Why is that so? Because they never run out of style and they have always been among the best hair accessories to use if you want to create artfully disheveled, undone updo hairstyle. Although you’ll likely see them worn more by adults than by teens and kids, you can always introduce them to the younger generation and let them see for themselves why you’ve grown to love these cool ‘80s hair accessories.


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