Banana Clips – No Longer Just an 80s Affair

Gone are the days when people only think about the 80s whenever they hear the words “banana clips”. Because today, these hair accessories have become more popular than ever—they don’t just add that little something to take any girl’s feathered bangs and layered hair a little further but also keep her looking stylish and fashionable. That is why more and more designs, styles, and colors are made available for these accessories—providing teens, young adults, and adults alike wider options to choose from.

But what really is a banana clip? Well, as its name implies, this is a banana-shaped accessory that allows anyone to pull the hair back from each side, with the clip following the contour of the head in the back. It actually works like a pony holder, only that this one clips the hair to keep it out of the face at all times. And since it clips the hair, you need not worry about the effects of the grip it has on your hair unlike when you’re using a ponytail holder.

So, how to use a banana clip? It’s very easy—in just 6 steps, you can already start enjoying the more stylish look that this hair accessory offers. Okay, let’s get started. First, brush your hair to remove knots and tangles. Then, throw your hair forward over your shoulders. Now, open the banana clip and slowly place it at the base of your hair. After that, hold each end of the clip with each hand, and then flip your hair back over. Take note that your hair should all be within the clip because if not, you need to do it all over again. Once done, close the clip. So, that’s basically it! Enjoy your new look!

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