Bananas on Your Hair?

Of course it is not the fruit that is being referred to by the title but the ever-fashionable hair accessory, the banana clips. This popular hair accessory became a trend in the 80s and continues to be used by many women to keep their hair neat and looking gorgeous at the same time.

This hair piece consists of two comb-like arrangement connected together at one end that allows it to open and close and is clipped shut on the other end. This concept may have originated from how the French wore their hair in chignon, secured in place by a small comb.

What makes banana hair clips unique is that hair does not have to be too thick or have much of a texture to keep it in place and thus keep the hair away from the face for that tidy look. But for those with very fine hair, there is a tendency for the combs to slide down when the clip is used similar to ponytail holders that tend to slip when hair is too fine or too thin. Some women with thin hair use ponytail holders way too tight just to securely hold thin hair which may damage the hair in the process.

The banana clip may also work on extremely thick hair when used on a small portion to form a half ponytail. Some women with very curly hair may find using banana clips a bit of a challenge but once mastered, it can work well, too. Functional and decorative at the same time, banana hair clips come in a variety of designs and colors and are often embellished with crystals or different colored-stones for added flair.  For those who go for simplicity, there are also pieces offered in simple and plain black or brown or pretty pinks and reds that younger girls prefer. Most banana clips are made of durable plastic that makes them a good buy being inexpensive yet attractive.

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