Beanie Hat – How it started?

Are you starting to feel the cool winter breeze? Do you already use thick jacket whenever you are outdoors? Have you started shopping for new winter accessories and gears? If you say yes to all these, well that’s great—embracing the cold winter season is far better than wishing you’re somewhere else warmer. So, what have you shopped so far? A new pair of gloves? Scarves? Oh, you’ve got yourself a beanie hat—that’s cool! This hair covering will sure make you feel comfortable, especially if you stay outdoors most of the time. But did it ever occur to you how this hair accessory started? If yes, then read on below to have a brief background of beanie hat’s origin.

 Designed as a smaller close fitting hat, the beanie hat can be traced back in the United States during the early 1900s. Its name was derived from the word “bean”, which was slang for head back in the early 1900s. The first ones who wore these beanie hats were the college students, and then later on, most college freshmen wore these as form of hazing. But aside from college students, the beanie hat also became widely used by blue-collar workers. This is because they found this hat not just comfortable to wear and keep their head warm but also keep their hair out of the way whenever they’re at work. True enough, these beanie hats were worn more for necessity than as fashionable accessory in the past. But today, these gain more popularity both for men and for women because they make cool fashion statements.

Now that you already know the origin of the beanie hat, you’ll no longer wonder why it’s one of the most sought-after fashion accessories these days. They sure don’t just make your head feel warm during the winter season but also keep you looking stylish even when your body is clad in winter clothing.

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