Berets – What You Need to Know?

Berets have long been associated with military people; in fact, there’s even a war movie that showcased this hair covering and its entitled “The Green Berets”. But today, berets are more than just components of military uniform; they are a form of fashion statement—a symbol of style and elegance. So if you’re thinking about getting a new set of hair accessories and coverings this fall, then consider berets on top of your list.

Designed to be worn either with the hair tucked in or hanging down, these round soft rimless hats make really great hair coverings for women. They are made from different fabrics such as wool, cotton, and angora, so you have more choices when buying. Some are even knitted and come with decorations like flowers, tails, or studs, making it all the more convenient and stylish for you to wear. And they are not just available in green color; as a matter of fact, many beret hats are available in red, blue, and other colorful designs.

But aside from being stylish, there’s another good reason why you should consider wearing berets—they are very comfortable and easy to wear. You need not tie anything to make one stay in place over your head or adjust a component just to keep it in proper position. Simply place it on top of your head and that’s it! You can start enjoying the added style it brings, while keeping your hair protected at the same time.

So, are you excited to wear one of these stylish berets? Take note however that they are kind of small and may not be the best hair accessories to get if you want to put all your hair in. Also, some women don’t like the way this beret look on their face shape, so before getting one, make sure that it complements your face shape well.


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