Best Holiday Hairstyles for Girls

This is such a wonderful time of year for children. The anticipation of gifts, family travel, and party going. Dressing-up for a party is especially fun for girls that love to dress-up. Many girls feel that it is like being their favorite princess for the day. Once the dress, shoes, tights, and coat have been selected, see these hairstyles to complete the look!

Up and up. Long tresses in all colors look lovely in bun. Use colorful hair accessories like sparkly hair pins and clips to keep hair in place. A small braid around the bun is also a nice touch to this classic look.

Ponytails. Some girls may not want all of their hair up in a bun. It may be too tight on their head. A nice option is a ponytail. Girls with longer hair love how the ponytail flips when they walk. Add some bling to the ponytail and add a flower or sparkle to the ponytail holder. Smaller pins on the side will help keep whisps of hair away from the eyes and face.

Pigtails. This is for the girl that loves ribbons in her hair. This is a nice accessory for girls and can be to color coordinated with their dresses. Blue and silver for a Chanukah party; red and gold for a Christmas party, and so on! The options are endless!

Long tresses. Some girls prefer to wear their hair down and out. For this hairstyle, add a nice headband with a flower on the side. These headbands are very popular and can be found in popular retailers both online and offline. Long straight hair can be made into thick, chunky curls with a curling iron. Take caution when curling a young girls hair with a hot iron. Try sitting near a video so she will keep her eyes on the screen, not following the hot iron!

What is your favorite holiday hairstyle for girls this year? Do you have a favorite hair accessory as well?

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