Can A Pill Take The Gray Away From Your Hair?

Today’s tough climate has a lot of young people going gray sooner than later. While visions of gray tresses are beautiful on some, others may find that they are not ready to go there yet. In our very image conscious society, the site of gray hair may have younger people looking older. This can be problematic on a job interview and even in dating situations. Is there an alternative to expensive hair coloring treatments from the salon to remove gray hair?

This past year, Cathy Beggan had an “out of the box” idea for getting rid of gray hair. She developed Go Away Gray after scientists discovered why gray hair happens in February 2008. Why does gray hair happen?

Scientists discovered that the culprit to gray hair is a result of the aging process. As we get older, our bodies make less of the enzyme catalase. This makes sense because when catalase is not in the body, more hydrogen peroxide is produced by our bodies and our natural color becomes gray. So how does Go Away Gray work?

Go Away Gray is an all-natural product that replaces the catalase in the body. Since the Food and Drug Administration does not look into supplements as of yet, you will not find their seal of approval on this item. With any type of supplement, always contact your primary care physician before taking any of them. However, Susan Merenstein, owner of Murray Avenue Apothecary researched all of the ingredients included in Go Away Gray and told Channel 4 Action News from Pittsburgh Anchor Michelle Wright that everything is natural and safe.

One bottle of this product is $29.90. That is not a bad deal when one visit to the hair colorist can cost over $100. Mrs. Beggan told Channel 4 Action News Anchor Wright that one bottle should last a month and that results are visible in six to eight weeks. So, if you are wanting to get your gray away just in time for a big event, count back a couple of months. Is this the way to go?

Would you try a product like this to make your gray go away? Do you feel that going gray ealier is a problem when dating?

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