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Is it the Cap or Salma Hayek is Just Drop-Dead Beautiful?


salma-hayek-puss-in-boots-uk-01The United States must have been called the land of milk and honey because many people found opportunities in the country even for those who are from offshore. There are many celebrated names in different talent divisions and Hollywood is no exception even for the like of Salma Hayek who spoke with a thick Mexican accent which somehow mellowed over the years. Well perhaps her undeniably good looks from head to foot are so downright …

Sings from Heaven in Her Angel Costume


65906686-mariah-careyIf anything, the girl whose name was derived from the song They Call the Wind Maria and who could sing with a spectacular voice range that can span five octaves, must have been heaven-sent; an angel sent from above to sing for people on earth. Her songs Emotions, Dream Lover, Anytime You Need a Friend are just samples of compositions especially created for Mariah so she can showcase her register range. The costume she wore in this photograph is a perfect depiction of her being an angel …

The Beauty of the French Combs


comb hairHave you seen those little combs often made of plastic inserted into the hair for a firm hold of a bun so that it is confined in place? That is the hair accessory so classic yet so useful and has been around for the longest time – the French combs.

There may have been a time when you have seen them used by mostly women of age but these hair accessories have evolved to become one of the most sought-after hair partner. They are easy to use, …

Banana Clips – Going Back to an Old Love


hair accessories- banana clipsThey say never go back to an old love because it’s just like reading a book over and over again, yet you already know how it ends. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way when it comes to hair accessories. As a matter of fact, accessories during the ’80s and even the ’90s are making a comeback, and many people embrace the thought of going back to their old love because they are just simply stylish and convenient to use. And some accessories …

Appreciating the Pashmina


It was probably the Tibetan people who started the Pashmina trend. They had to combat the unusual temperature of the Himalayas and had to create different types of garments that can help them against cold winds hence the birth of this now very popular fashion accessory.

The word pashmineh which means silk that is soft and made of special goat breed called Pashmina. This breed had a special kind of coat that helped it survive even in the coldest temperature.

That is likely how the Tibetans discovered its use …

Hair Rollers – Get Redefined Curls


If you want to get redefined curls yet you don’t want to use hair curling irons, you can always go back to basic—and that is by using hair rollers. That’s right, many women today still use these hair accessories, as they are still very effective at redefining curls. So, what types of curls do you have in mind? Are you thinking about getting rounder, bouncier curls? Or are you more inclined towards getting spiral curls? Whatever you choose from these two, hair rollers will sure give you …

Hair Clips Galore


People from all ages – babies, kids, teens, and even adults – use hair clips to accessorize their hair. There’s no wonder why these hair accessories continue to gain popularity and have become widely available in various designs, styles, and colors. Now, if you’re looking to buy some of these accessories, you might be dazzled with the many options in front of you. To help you trim down your list, first decide on which type of hair clip is best for your hair.

Scarves to Wear the Right Way


Did you know that when you wear scarves in many different ways you create a new fashion look each time? You see a scarf is not only to keep yourself warm during the cold winter months but to look hip and stylish too when you choose the right material or fold, tie or wrap them the right way.

Typically wool scarves go well with sweatshirts made of the same material while cotton scarf  is a perfect match for a cotton blouse. However, it does not necessarily follow that …

Berets – One of the Most Fashionable Hair Covers


With so many possibilities when it comes to staying in fashion, probably one of the most opted for is the hat. Among the different types of hats available such as caps, snoods, head scarves, turban, and many more, women’s berets belong to the most fashionable options. Of course we all know that a beret is that uniquely shaped hat in which a woman can keep her hair tucked inside for that cool neat look or simply let her hair down with the beret placed on top of her …

The Highs and Lows of the Hairstyles from the Oscars


Tweets about the #Oscars were flying last Sunday evening as celebrities strutted down the Red Carpet prior to the 84th Annual Academy Awards. Popular channels like eonline livestreamed the event just in case people were watching from an ipad or laptop. Things have sure changed since the very first broadcast 84 years ago. However, the things that don’t change about the Oscars are the reviews of the hairstyles, fashions, and accessories of some of the worlds most beautiful people. This year, hairstyles were had both highs and …

Hairstyles and Accessories from New York Fashion Week


New York city was all about fashion last week as runways outside of JFK were full during the Mercedes Benz Fashion week. From fashion bloggers to celebrity personalities, the fashion trends for Fall and Winter 2012 are all hot! In addition to the beautiful models and fashion designer debuts, hairstyles and hair accessories were one of the highlights (literally). Here are some of the hair accessories and styles that you will see in Fall and Winter 2012!

Celebrity Hairstyles that Hit the High Notes at the 2012 Grammy Awards


Last Sunday evening, the 54th Annual Grammy Awards was all a glow even as the mood of celebrities was saddened by Whitney Houston’s death. In true music industry style, the attendees arrived on the red carpet in all types of styles as the fashion police patrolled the scene. Who is wearing what and how they are wearing it is always a hot topic. This year in the hairstyle category, celebrities were on and off-key with their tresses. Here are some of …

Hairstyles That You Will Love This Valentine’s Day


You may have the dress, but what hairstyle will compliment those garments just right this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than some of Hollywood’s leading ladies to capture the hottest hairstyles for Valentine’s Day this year. Remember, it is not just about looking wonderful for your loved one, but loving how you look! Here are some hairstyles that will make all hearts skip a beat this Valentine’s Day.

Hot Hairstyles From The SAG Awards


This past Sunday evening, the red carpet was all a glow as some of Hollywood’s most glamorous women arrived at The SAG Awards. I was very impressed with the trends in both clothing and accessories and here are some of them.

Oscar Buzz About Hairstyles And Accessories


The 84th Annual Oscar nominations went out earlier this week. There are so many spectacular films nominated this year. One of my favorite parts of any film are the hairstyles and costumes. I am not referring to the red carpet. What I absolutly love is a film that transcends time and brings back styles that have gone, but are not forgotten.