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New Hair Color, New Season


il_340x270.433177530_m71zThroughout the colder months of winter, there’s not a lot that you can do to your hair since you generally need to utilize hair blankets like beanies, winter caps, snoods, and scarves to keep your head warm. In any case come springtime, you have more alternatives on the grounds that you can do away with hair blankets and utilize more trendy hair frill, for example, headbands and hairpins. Not just that, you can likewise really shade your hair for a fresher and more novel look in spring. …

Bonnet : Easier and More Comfortable Head Covers


T1oMrQXiVjXXay.RDa_091849Bonnet was the most regularly utilized sort of cap around ladies throughout the early years of hair style, especially the 1800s. It was the kind that had straps that might be tied under the jaw so the hat safely sits on the head.


As ladies got to be more dynamic by the years, they got included in more thorough exercises and cap got improper. Cloche was acquainted with location ladies’ needs for outside action caps. With a shape that takes after a ringer, the cloche goes well actually …

Why Wear Headbands?


Babies, kids, schoolgirls, teens, young adults, and adults—you’ll all see them wearing headbands at some point. So what makes these accessories very popular? To know why they’re a hit to people of all ages, here are the top 5 reasons:

1. Headbands can be worn with any type of clothing.Whether you are wearing your favorite shirt, an elegant dress, or any casual attire, you can easily pair it with a nice, fashionable headband. From wide headbands

Flat Hair Irons and Hair Breakage


Girls love straight hair. So there’s no wonder why flat hair irons have become widely used hair-straightening tools today. However, some flat irons can damage the hair and cause hair breakage, and so it pays to find the right type of flat iron to use.

When choosing a flat iron, it sure helps to check the iron’s temperature levels. For those with thick hair, the one with high heat setting is recommended. This ensures more rapid and uniform heat transmission. …

Halloween and Costume Wigs


We’re down to the second week of October and before we know it, Halloween is already here. And what better way to celebrate it than to host or attend a Halloween costume party. Now, are you up for it? Oh, you’ve got a costume already? That’s great! All you have to do now is sit back, relax, and let the days pass until the big day’s here. But wait? While waiting for the big day, why not add a really cool costume wig to your equally cool …

Headscarves to Accessorize During Chemotherapy


The most seen side effect of chemotherapy on cancer patients is their loss of hair. Some may find it embarrassing to go bald while undergoing the treatment but with scarves, it is still quite possible to accessorize the balding head.

There are many ways to wear a scarf as head accessory during chemotherapy period and among the common ones is the cloth wrapped around the head like a turban. You may choose to have the ends tucked inside the cloth or simply let down over the shoulders or …

Hairstyles That You Will Love This Valentine’s Day


You may have the dress, but what hairstyle will compliment those garments just right this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than some of Hollywood’s leading ladies to capture the hottest hairstyles for Valentine’s Day this year. Remember, it is not just about looking wonderful for your loved one, but loving how you look! Here are some hairstyles that will make all hearts skip a beat this Valentine’s Day.

Can A Pill Take The Gray Away From Your Hair?


Today’s tough climate has a lot of young people going gray sooner than later. While visions of gray tresses are beautiful on some, others may find that they are not ready to go there yet. In our very image conscious society, the site of gray hair may have younger people looking older. This can be problematic on a job interview and even in dating situations. Is there an alternative to expensive hair coloring treatments from the salon to remove gray hair?

Most Popular Halloween Costumes In 2011


There are some very popular costumes this Halloween that will be made even better by the wacky wigs, hip hairstyles and exciting accessories. Who and what are most in demand this year? You won’t be surpised that some of the most popular characters on the “Hallowscene” this year require a lot of fun and creativity. See who and what you might bump into ‘in the night’ this October 31st!

Great Hairstyles For Job Interviewing


The current state of the economy has most people in some state of employment or unfortunately, unemployment. This can take a toll on people emotionally and physically. Lack of money can impact the way a person looks and feels about job interviewing. Put on your best smile and go to a job interview with a hairstyle that can! Not sure what to do with your hairstyle? Here are some hints and tips that can help get employed!

Waves Take Over The 63rd Annual Emmy’s


The scene at the 63rd annual Emmy Awards this past Sunday was all a glow with style and grace. Classic hairstyles were all the rage and worn by some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. If you loved these hairstyles, don’t be afraid to wear them as well. With the right products and some patience, you can have these looks from your very own home. Not sure what hairstyles were worn at the Emmy’s last week? Here are some “highlights”!

Cheesy Hairstyles and Accessories From Superbowl 2011


Cheesy Hairstyles And Accessories From Superbowl 2011If you are a Wisconsin native, you are problaby still relishing in the victory of the Green Bay Packers last night over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The game, advertisements, the half-time show, and nosh were all on our minds leading up to and on the big day. A topic that wasn’t in discussed in much detail, was the “cheesy” hairstyles and accessories from Superbowl 2011.

Hairstyles From The Miss America Pageant 2011


Hairstyles From The Miss America Pageant 2011Nebraska was known for a lot more than just Kool-Aid and corn on Saturday,  January 15th. That evening, Ms. Teresa Scanlan was crowned the winner of the 2011 Miss America Pageant. There were a lot of beautiful, smart, and talented women in the competition. There was something that was not so different in the competition and that was hairstyles. Most of the contestants wore their tresses long, straight, and parted to the side. This would have been a very boring compeititon …

Hot Hairstyles From The 68th Annual Golden Globes


Hot Hairstyles From The 68th Annual Golden Globe AwardsThis past Sunday evening, the red carpet was all a flutter at the 68th Annual Golden Globes Awards in Beverly Hills, California. Even if you didn’t know who was nominated for best actress or best movie, the red carpet was an even bigger hit in the hairstyle category. Some of the hairstyles that flipped, and flopped, were on full display.

Getting To The Root Of Hair Color Trends In 2011


Getting To The Root Of Hair Color Trends In 2011If you have not started to work on your New Year’s resolutions, you are not alone. People are still snacking on leftover cookies and cakes from leftover holiday entertaining. While our weight loss goals have been put on the back burner, our hairstyles are an easier resolution to tackle. One of the easiest things to change next to a hairstyle is our hair color. Dark roots got you down? Just call up your hair stylist and you can …