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Hair Color Trends This Fall That Might Surprise You


Hair Color Trends For Fall That Might Surprise You Now that Fall is in full swing and our winter coats have been pulled out of storage, hair color is also changing with the season. Before you run out and make any drastic changes to your hair “true” hair color, you will want to read about trends this Fall. According to a recent article online at the Huffington Post by Luis Lucari, “deeper or darker regrowth is not longer objectionable; is now looks smart and deliberate. Does this …

6 Great Hairstyles For Halloween This Year


If you are not sure what to dress-up as for Halloween this year, maybe you should start with a hairstyle and go from there. Just look at some of these famous hairstyles now available in wigs just in time for Halloween this year. Too many choices to decide on just one? I’ve decided to pick 6 of my favorite Halloween wigs that will make your Halloween costume even greater this year.

Does Red Hair Make You Have A Hot Temper?


Does Red Hair mean You Have A Hot Temper?I was always the little girl with jet-black, curly hair. Fast forward many years, I still have that black hair but I’ll never forget how much I wanted to have red, blonde, or even brown hair. Even at a very young age, I could see how different personalities sprung from kids with certain hair colors. I thought it would be fun to look into this idea further and find out if the description of what hair colors say about …

What I Learned About Hair From The Movies


What I Learned About Hair From The MoviesWhat I Learned About Hair From The Movies

Grease was my favorite movie when I was in grammar school. I could recite all of the lyrics to the songs and I even knew all the moves to “Greased Lightnin’”. Grease was not only a very fun musical about working-class kids in the late 1950s, it was also a movie about hair and how important it …

Do Men Really Prefer Blond Girls?


Men Really Prefer Blond Girls

Blonde hair. Maybe you were born with it, or maybe you’ve hit the coloring solution to have flowing, blonde tresses. If hitting the bottle is not your thing, I don’t blame you. Hair chemicals can damage the scalp and make hair dry and brittle. I’ve never been blonde, but I have felt that my blonde friends have had some advantages over my jet black tresses. I couldn’t help but wonder …

Celebrities Hair Behaving Badly


Celebrities Hair Behaving BadlyI don’t know about you, but as a teen I was in a constant battle with my hair. No matter what I tried at home, I couldn’t get rid of the frizzy-I’m really a curly girl-look. The only way my hair days would be good is if I had had my hair blown-out by a professional hair stylist the night before. The next day I would feel like a princess with my …

Gray, Gray, Go Away -Goodbye Grey Hair!


Goodbye Grey Hair

Do we really get more gray hair if one falls out or your friend picks it out? Well, I wanted to know about this myth and why some people welcome their gray hair and while others do sing the mantra “gray, gray, go away, don’t ever come back, okay” with gusto.

No matter how you find them, most of our gray hair is based on genetics. Some people start getting gray well before their …

Popular Hair Products From The 1980s


Popular Hair Products From The 1980sBeing a teen with curly hair in the 1980s was not cool, at least, I did not think so. If you asked my mother and her friends about my curls, they would have told you how much money people would pay for those curls. Instead of accepting their praises, I did everything in my power to make my hair comply with the popular hair styles influenced by popular …

Easy 5 Steps to Take Care of Your Hair!


Step #1

Determine the difference between the types of products on the shelves. Most people know the basics (shampoo and conditioner), but you should also know what types of hair products are created to keep the hair style in place, including gels, mousse and hairspray, among others.

Step #2

Find your hair type. Do this on your own or with help from your stylist. Figure out if your hair is curly or straight, fine or coarse and oily …