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Hair Care Tips and Tricks


images (1)Shorter days, cooler nights; then, leaves turn from plain green to vivid shades of gold and red. To be sure, the pre-winter season is here. However what may be energizing for your eyes to see may not be incredible for your hair to encounter. Why? Since frosty chilly winds and dry climate can beyond any doubt take a toll on your tresses. So to guarantee you have extraordinary looking hair regardless of the fact that the season transforms, it pays to take after these few fall …

4 Easy Steps to Say Goodbye to Dry Hair


download (2)Dry hair is an exceptionally normal and aggravating hair issue. Albeit wearing hair embellishments and blankets can without much of a stretch disguise it, still its better if the issue is tended to immediately to counteract more hair harm. So what to do? Here are 4 straightforward steps to help you begin:

1. Realize what’s bringing about your dry hair. Is it accurate to say that it is a direct result of an excess of sun presentation? Then again maybe this is a direct result of chlorine …

Hair Care Using Hairbrush


images (2)Some individuals still believe that with a specific end goal to keep their hair looking great and feeling extraordinary, they need to brush their hair 100 times before going to bunk. Anyhow much to their dismay that this is no more the standard, as the way to extraordinary looking hair is utilizing the right hair mind items including the hairbrush that you utilization. Yes, regardless of the possibility that you utilize the best cleanser and conditioner for your hair, without the correct hairbrush, you still can’t …

Using the Right Type of Comb


Using the Right Type of CombYou don’t have to be a professional hair care expert to know that there are different types of combs and that you should know when to use them. Investing on the right type of these very affordable items could mean better, smoother and healthier locks for you.

Most people view combs as a tool for grooming that just so happened to be made of different materials such as acrylic, organic resins, wood, etc. Some combs are …

Hair Clips for Kids and Babies


Whether short-haired or long-haired, kids and babies alike love wearing hair clips. These hair accessories do make great fashion statements and are very effective at managing the hair. These usually come in varying colors, the most popular of which are pink and purple for young girls, and these are available in many cute designs. In fact, some clips even have teddy bear designs while others have bow and flower designs to give infants and kids a more stylish look. And what’s more, they come in different types …

Deck the Hall…Err…The Hair


For all the Rapunzels out there, Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to deck the hall..I mean your hair with hair accessories that are cool for the season. With so many types to choose from – hair bands, hair clips, hats, bonnets, ribbons, pins, tiaras – there is just no running out of things to deck your crowning glory with.

Hair accessories are actually an all-time, all-season must haves if you always want to look your best no matter how simple your outfit may …

Hair Accessories – What You Need to Know


During granny’s time, it takes a great deal of time and skills to set up a hair do just to go out of the house. You only find women put their hair down when they go to sleep. Otherwise, it is always fixed in a neat style or two to think that during those days, there were not so many hair pins and clips that women can use. Today however, hairdos can be easier with the abundance of hair accessories to choose from.

Why of course you will …

Hair Accessories for Different Life Stages


People from all ages use hair accessories for a variety of purposes—to protect their hair, to complete their outfit, and to make their look more stylish and attractive. True enough—that’s why today,a wide range of hair accessories is available for different life stages. Yes, from infants to adults, you sure can find a wide selection of hair accessories that covers varying needs.

Infants and Toddlers 

Babies and toddlers often have little hair, and in some cases infants are even born without it. And so, what mothers do is that …

Hair Accessories for Shorter Hair


Short hair requires less time styling than longer locks. That’s why, some women prefer to have their hair cut short after enjoying longer hair for a couple of years. However, a few girls are quite hesitant about this thought because they think styling options are limited for short hair. True? Not quite, and definitely not these days! Because in reality, there are a number of hair accessories that can do the trick of styling short hair.  Read on to find out what are these.

Halloween and Costume Wigs


We’re down to the second week of October and before we know it, Halloween is already here. And what better way to celebrate it than to host or attend a Halloween costume party. Now, are you up for it? Oh, you’ve got a costume already? That’s great! All you have to do now is sit back, relax, and let the days pass until the big day’s here. But wait? While waiting for the big day, why not add a really cool costume wig to your equally cool …

5 Most Common Hair Care Myths


A friend told you that the reason behind your hair falling out is stress. But your mom immediately contradicted that statement. So, who could be telling the truth? Find out here about the top 5 hair care myths to help you come up with the right solution to your hair care woes.

Myth #1: Using ice-cold water when rinsing can result in shinier hair.

Truth: Not exactly. Whether you rinse with ice-cold, cold, or lukewarm water after shampooing, you’ll get the same shiny hair if the product you are …

Is Hair Loss Caused by Wearing Hats


Hair loss can cause anyone to go on a panic mode and hit the panic button asking too many questions at the same time. What could have caused it? What can prevent it? So on and so forth. You might also have heard that wearing a hat can cause the hair to thin out but is it true?

There are several reasons why a person would suffer from hair loss and the most blamed culprit is stress. When hair fall begins, the tendency is to wear a hat …

How to Keep Hair Looking Hot in the Cold of Winter


 Now that the blue of the beach is just a distant memory, our bodies and hair now need to adjust to the cold. There are some really easy hair care tips that keep luscious locks flowing, even on the coldest days this winter.

Does Stress Affect Hair Loss In Women?


In today’s uncertain economic climate, stress is part of our daily “dress”.  Job loss, unpaid bills, raising children, and health issues. What impact is this having on your head besides a lot of worry? Recent studies have found that stress does result in hair loss for men and women. Yes, women.