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Hair Dos – Styles From Bandana


tumblr_lxx1soC22S1qihh0eo1_500Basically having your hair done appears deficient without hair frill. This is essentially on the grounds that hair frill add a touch of charm to your hairdo for that finish shocking looks. While we live in a quick paced world, still, that is no motivation to stay out of style with regards to our hair. One of the precise adaptable and most famous hair embellishments that are simple and snappy to do is the hair scarf.

Yes, you read it right – a hair scarf. In the event …

Clear Hair Style Made Elegant by Accessories


downloadThe kind of hairdo to wear when going to straightforward get-togethers or formal attire bashes might be testing. Substantially all the more so in case you’re an obvious basic lady. Uncomplicated haircuts can do marvels and the right frill will presumably add to the trap.

Tying your hair without any pins is not just the easiest approach to style your hair additionally the fastest one. Issue is, you’re not giving your hair equity and the shot of your hair getting detached or unraveled is high. No one likes …

Grey Hair? No Reason Not to Accessorize & Beautify


711b3e13ee8cb554_zipper-bandsWell yes, there’s no denying that grey hair is a sign of getting old. That a woman has matured. But truth be told, it does not always mean advanced age that hair accessory might not be suitable. There are several reasons why hair would turn grey or is grey.


Grey hair could have genetics as a cause so much so that even at an early age, the hair shows signs as if it has aged. Some in their teen or early 20’s are already with grey hair yet …

Stylish Hair Accessories For Short Hair


Women who prefer short hair often do not worry about managing hair style. They can be up and about without unwanted strands flying all over their face. How about giving your short hair new look that is refreshing and very attractive?

The right kind of hair accessories can give your short hair a more gorgeous look.

The Value of Turbans


I have dependably been inspired by the ways a Turban might be worn. What is a Turban precisely? As per, Turban implies some sorts of  headwear. Other than being my most beloved route to dry my hair after the shower,look at the aforementioned 5 intersting certainties of turbans.

A profound reason. The populace that most frequently wears the Turban is the Sikhs, from Punjab. Here they are implied as the Dastar or Dumalla, and are needed head coverings. Not all turbans are the same and provided that …

Hair Accessories For All Ages


Individuals from all a long time use hair accessories  for a mixed bag of purposes—to secure their hair, to finish their outfit, and to make their look more classy and magnetic. Correct enough—that is the reason today,a extensive variety of hair embellishments is ready for distinctive life organizes. Yes, from tots to mature people, you beyond any doubt can discover a wide choice of hair accessories  that blankets differing necessities.

Children and Toddlers

Babies and toddlers frequently have small hair, and in a few cases babies are even conceived …

Must-Have Spring Fashion Accessories


Fashion Hair MakeupCan hardly wait for the winter season to be over? I guess you’re as excited as I am to get off those bulky winter jackets and start wearing something lighter yet still comfortable enough for the spring season. Well, we just have to wait a couple of days more, but for now, what we can do is prepare for our spring getup. So, what’s in it for us this spring? New hair accessories, perhaps? Not a bad idea—after all, we need to do away with …

Fashion and Head Scarves


Head scarves are probably the one fashion accessory Head scarves are probably the one fashion accessory that is always there. They may take a back seat once in a while but they manage to always make a comeback. Various fashion designers have made use of these items in countless fashion shows given the versatility of these pieces.

When head scarves make a comeback, it is often a big one that they become a trend in all corners of the fashion world. They have a magical way of making …

Where Did Snoods Come From


In the early days, snoods are worn by both men and women as they were back then commonly known as a head gear that covers the hair and extends all the way to the nape. It was a clothing material that is used on the head but there was a time when they were popularly made with nets. Hence in the United States, they are more popularly called hair nets than snoods.

Commonly known as a tubular neck scarf, it is regularly used by skiers and snowboarders. However, …

Shawls – Perfect for Autumn and Winter


A few more weeks to go and we’ll all be bidding goodbye to the autumn season and saying hello to snowy winter. But before we do that, we must ensure that we’re equipped with the right hair coverings for winter. Well, there are lots of hair accessories that we can actually look into such as winter hats and berets. But if you want something that you can use both for autumn and winter, then shawls are the highly recommended accessories for you. 

Selecting Women’s Hair Accessories


During the early years, all a woman needs is a healthy mane and a good haircut and she is all set to attract attention. However, nowadays, with so many competitions vying for attention, you would need all sorts of hair accessories to make heads turn your way.


A hat is not only to protect the head but also to accessorize it and one of the popular choices is a beret. This headwear does not need any particular season to be worn because it is an appropriate wear any …

Fashion Head Wraps Creation with Scarves


Pulling your fashion wrap assembly can be easy as A-B-C with a head scarf. Undeniably, scarves have become a fashion staple and if you haven’t one yet, it is about time you owned one; more is better. You see, once you have fallen into head wraps and learned different ways of tying a scarf to adorn your head (and add flavor to your getup, of course), only your creative imagination is the limit.

Scarves come in many different colors, designs and patterns and a wardrobe cannot be considered …

Scarves to Wear the Right Way


Did you know that when you wear scarves in many different ways you create a new fashion look each time? You see a scarf is not only to keep yourself warm during the cold winter months but to look hip and stylish too when you choose the right material or fold, tie or wrap them the right way.

Typically wool scarves go well with sweatshirts made of the same material while cotton scarf  is a perfect match for a cotton blouse. However, it does not necessarily follow that …

Congratulations, It’s a Beanie!


Of course this is not about somebody who gave birth to a beanie but about some facts about the beanies from way back. A beanie hat is a small, round head cover that fits closely and is often made of soft fabrics, sometimes a crochet.

“Bean” is a jargon meaning “head” back in the 1900’s when college freshmen at the time wore the early form of beanies during fraternity initiations. The said hats were also worn by workers …

Hair Accessories of the Early Times


The history of head wear goes a long way. It can be traced back to the middle ages in Europe when head pieces were more of a social status indication than mere decorative part of the head. Women of all ages were made to wear a head piece as part of having good manners and elegance too.

As time went by, more and more reasons for putting on a head wear came about; some as necessitated by a situation like …