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Be A Bride Of Style


Winter-Bride-Hairstyles-2011Wedding venue. Check. Company. Check. Wedding outfit. Check. Great, you’re finished with just about everything from your agenda. What else could be absent? Goodness, what about your wedding hair adornment? You ought to never miss this for the world on the grounds that this is the thing that finishes your general look.

A rich marriage outfit may be sufficient for some however certainly not for you. To be a genuine spouse of style, make a point to wear one of these sharp wedding hair embellishments:

Hair Care Tips and Tricks


images (1)Shorter days, cooler nights; then, leaves turn from plain green to vivid shades of gold and red. To be sure, the pre-winter season is here. However what may be energizing for your eyes to see may not be incredible for your hair to encounter. Why? Since frosty chilly winds and dry climate can beyond any doubt take a toll on your tresses. So to guarantee you have extraordinary looking hair regardless of the fact that the season transforms, it pays to take after these few fall …

4 Easy Steps to Say Goodbye to Dry Hair


download (2)Dry hair is an exceptionally normal and aggravating hair issue. Albeit wearing hair embellishments and blankets can without much of a stretch disguise it, still its better if the issue is tended to immediately to counteract more hair harm. So what to do? Here are 4 straightforward steps to help you begin:

1. Realize what’s bringing about your dry hair. Is it accurate to say that it is a direct result of an excess of sun presentation? Then again maybe this is a direct result of chlorine …

Hair Care Using Hairbrush


images (2)Some individuals still believe that with a specific end goal to keep their hair looking great and feeling extraordinary, they need to brush their hair 100 times before going to bunk. Anyhow much to their dismay that this is no more the standard, as the way to extraordinary looking hair is utilizing the right hair mind items including the hairbrush that you utilization. Yes, regardless of the possibility that you utilize the best cleanser and conditioner for your hair, without the correct hairbrush, you still can’t …

How to Tame Frizzy Hair


5 Fashion Hairstyles with Hair Accessories 1Not every lady has the persistence concerning legitimate hair mind that is the reason you discover some with dry, bunched up hair. Genuinely talking, this is unattractive and makes even a pretty face ugly. Some would even feel that the young lady with fuzzy hair has poor cleanliness yet it is essentially about absence of dampness in hair strands that you have to address.

It is important for dry, fuzzy hair to accept food, …

Gorgeous Hair Clips Made by the Kids


downloadOne of the delights of parenthood is using fun, unwinding and quality minutes with the children. Caught up with working mothers treasure each moment of the valuable time they could dedicate simply staying nearby, doing exercises that energize holding between her and her youngsters. An incredible thought to while away time with your girl is make her own particular individual cuts.

When you want to do the action, set up all the materials as ahead of schedule as could be expected under the circumstances. You simply require manufactured …

The Essence OF Headbands


Toddlers, kids, schoolgirls, high schoolers, junior grown-ups, and mature people you’ll all see them wearing headbands sometime or another. So what makes the aforementioned extras exceptionally prevalent? To know why they’re a hit to individuals of all a long time, here are the top 5 explanations:

1. Headbands might be worn with any sort of clothing.whether you are wearing your most beloved shirt, a stylish dress, or any easy clothing, you can effectively match it with a fantastic, chic headband. From wide headbands and tiara headbands to those made of metal and …

Boar Bristle Hair Brush: What’s in it to love?


You might think that the comb or hair brush that you use doesn’t have much effect on your hair. But in reality, it does play a significant part. So the next time you brush your hair with any type of hair brush at that, better think twice if you are using the right one for your hair. But most women prefer and love using the boar bristle type of hair brush. Why is that so? Better read on to know why and to find out what’s in …

Rolling with the History of the Cornrow Braid


It doesn’t take a visit to Negril, Jamaica to see men, women, and children wearing cornrow braids as their hairstyle of choice. This is definitely a welcome style as the season of heat and humidity has hit the streets of America. I couldn’t help but wonder where this complicated (for me) hairstyle came from and when.

The Long Lane of Swim Caps


I remember as a kid going to summer camp and wearing my swim cap out in the hot sun. I had quite the challenge fitting my black frizzy hair into this type contraption. Nevertheless, it was required and for good reason. Set aside the not-so-sweet smeall of rubber, latex, or silicone, the swimming cap has a “full” history of its own.

5 Interesting Facts About Turbans


I have always been impressed by the ways a Turban can be worn. What is a Turban exactly? According to, Turban refers to several types of headwear. Besides being my favorite way to dry my hair after the shower,look at these 5 intersting facts turbans.

How to Keep Static Away from Your Hair This Winter


You know winter has arrived when O’Hare International Airport has cancelled all flights for the day. Blizzard like conditions and the cold will make any uncovered head a target for below zero feel. So, it is hats on to keep warm, what not to keep on is static hair. This can be especially embarrassing when arriving to a meeting, special event, or first date. Here are some hints and tips on how to avoid static hair this winter.

How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling This Holiday Season


The number of people that travel during the winter holidays are tremendous. This even with a down economy, TSA scans, and bed bugs. There are some things that just can’t be avoided, but bed bugs can be one of them. Here are some tips so that when you travel with your family in the next couple of weeks, you don’t bring any extra and unwanted baggage roundtrip.

How to Pack for the Beach?


The snow is a thing of the past and packing up for the beach is now on the agenda. The beach is very beautiful place to visit in the summer. Keep it cool and enjoyable with these hints and tips.

The L Word And Why We Loathe It


The L Word And Why We Loathe ItEven though bathing suits and suntan lotion are still a part of our going out of the house bag, back-to-school season is in full swing. I love keeping up with the best “cool mom picks” for backpacks as well as the best deals on gym shoes and socks. This year, for the very first time, a letter came in the mail and it wasn’t about any big sales on back-to-school items. It was a note about the dates and times …